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There’s no limit to where humans can have sex that goes beyond just rolling around in your bed (no matter how many very amusing takes on this noble tradition there are). We know you can take showers or fog up your car windows to vent, but there are other ways to amp up your sex life and change your positions that are creative, weird (in a raunchy way) and totally intriguing. Plus, if you score the right ones, they can be investment pieces for your budding household dungeon or be tucked away just as stealthily as a sexy secret for you and your partner(s).

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That’s right, today we’re talking about sex furniture and other sex accessories you’ll want to know about.

The sex furniture category casts a wide net, obviously. With toys encompassing smaller options like wedge pillows that can alter your ideal bedtime positions, larger, more visible toys (like Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson’s now-iconic sex bench), and stealthy sex swings that can take the gravity out of some seriously hot people. situations, there’s no limit to the friendly, easy-to-clean, and extremely fun bedroom companions you can score. More or less, they all serve the ultimate goal of putting you or your partner in the most comfortable and pleasurable positions possible and taking your sexual encounters from ordinary to extraordinary.

Obviously, there will be some NSFW blush-worthy content, but you might find your new favorite intimate accessory among our picks.

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