Comfortable clothes, a new trend?


Women’s workwear, which was initially limited to the limits of the boring monochromatic theme, simple solids and rigid silhouettes, has undergone a massive change. Today, formal and everyday clothes for work are younger, vibrant and comfortable, which are the impeccable choices of women today.

The pandemic, however, has brought a major change to this segment, particularly from the standard of a “formal” to professional comfort clothing.

People tend to prefer comfortable clothes over the first way of dressing. The reason behind this is months of multiple lockdowns. Consumers have invested more in comfort clothing and formal wear, and are eager to style them in a way that can fit between work and home environments. The coming months will see the return of the comfort-oriented style of clothing, creating a year of comfort over the trends.

Pants replaced by pajamas or cotton pants. People wore jeggings, socks, jeans, denims, etc.

Women have switched to a one-piece dress of their choice, long or short. The one-piece dress is an innovation of mankind’s creation especially for women. This not only gives comfort, but keeps your style up to par. They are considered in both formal and casual categories based on style and prints.

Shirts or kurtis are replaced by a comfortable top or printed t-shirts giving a simpler but casual look to your daily office outfits.

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