Cleaning fan shares ‘shiny’ Fairy Liquid laundry hack that leaves clothes looking like new

One woman shared a cleaning tip she says is “brilliant” for removing stains from clothes, and others shared similar positive experiences.

Using Fairy Liquid on clothes is said to have a stain-removing effect, and to test it out, the woman put some dish soap next to her white and was “amazed” at the results.

Posting to the Cleaning Tips and Tricks Facebook group, she wrote, “So today I tried the fairy liquid hack on my whites…omg it really works. It’s awesome.”

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In response to users asking for more details, she clarified, “Sorry, I’m just replying to my post that I put…so I put about half a teaspoon of Fairy Liquid on a flannel. …I halved the amount of soap powder and put it in the tub, not the draw.

“I turned the temperature down to 40 degrees to save electricity…and oh my word, my whites were amazing. My husband’s socks… couldn’t believe it.

Since being shared on Tuesday evening, the post has attracted nearly 400 likes and nearly 600 comments from other cleaning fans giving their thoughts.

One said: “I use the fairy on my son’s cricket blanks..still does the job! I just rub on the marks a bit then wash off as normal. Works on lots of stains.”

“Original Fairy gets rid of all stains…rub it on both sides and wash as usual…stains are all gone, even the curry and weed,” posted a second.

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A third commented: “Yeah I’ve known for years but it’s only Fairy that gives brilliant results as I’ve tried other brands and they’re nowhere near as good – so invest in the best ones “.

“I use it regularly as a stain remover,” revealed a fourth.

A fifth said: “I’ve started using it too. I just squeeze about a teaspoon amount straight onto laundry. No it doesn’t stain!”

“Yeah that’s the first thing I look for if anything is going to get stained,” a sixth shared.

Another echoed, “I put it on my shiny black and white stuff.”

However, other members of the group were unconvinced by the hack and were happy to share their concerns.

One commented: “You do NOT put it in your machine. Just put a small amount on the stain…then wash the clothes! I’ve been doing this for over 15 years.. .it’s a treat…my kids are now doing it with their families.”

“You can’t put dishwashing liquid in the washer,” agreed a second.

A third wrote: ‘This may be good for your clothes stain remover, but not good for your sensitive skin, so deffo will be wearing gloves.’

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