Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 7 Review: Clothes Make the Man…Or Do They?


I never thought I’d say that, but I felt for Archer.

On Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 7, he had to choose between honoring his doctor’s oath and protecting his son, and he passed that test — but at what cost?

Archer’s conversation with Choi at the end of the hour was one of the rawest and most genuine insights into this often annoying character, and he came across as likable.

The situation with Sean would have been difficult for anyone to handle.

Archer had been estranged from Sean for years and their recent prison visit didn’t go well. And now Sean has life-threatening injuries, thanks to another prisoner who ended up in hospital after attacking a CO.

Archer is the kind of guy who has no problem bending the rules if he thinks it’s best for patients, so it’s no surprise he considered not saving the life of the Sean’s abuser. He would go even further for his estranged son than a stranger.

He probably felt like this was his last chance to do anything to protect Sean. For all he knew, Sean was going to die. Even if his son survived, returning to prison could be dangerous for him, especially if his abuser also returned.

I am a bad father. I let Sean out of my life for 15 years, got addicted to drugs, ended up in jail… and now I saved the life of the man who tried to kill him and who might try again, will try probably still.


In the end, Archer stuck to his oath with a little help from Choi.

Choi and Archer are cut from a similar fabric. They are both ex-Navy reservists who tend to put forward their own opinions on the wishes expressed by the patient. That’s why their long friendship works so well.

Choi tries to keep Archer calm - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 7

Choi is the only person who can reason with Archer and the only one who can get away with threatening to go to Sharon with his concerns. Archer did the right thing because he listened to Choi when he allowed another surgeon to take over Sean’s care and when he acted to save the abuser’s life.

And then Choi was there to support him when it didn’t seem like the right thing.

Although Archer isn’t my favorite character, his friendship with Choi is one of the things I’ll miss the most after. Choi leaves Chicago Med.

Choi has a new outlook on life since being shot and can help balance Archer. Archer is almost sympathetic when he’s around Choi.

Archer's Worst Fear - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 7

I wonder if we’ll get more of Sean’s story. Archer doesn’t know why Sean was stabbed and assumes the other guy was the assailant. It’s not unreasonable, considering the guy also attacked a guard, but it might not be the whole truth either.

What if Archer finds out that Sean started the fight that led to him being stabbed or that his son is involved in something shady in prison?

Speaking of sleazy, it was a weird story involving Will, Asher, and the pregnant woman.

The guy who dropped her off at the hospital looked weird; I knew there was something wrong with him, and it was also strange that they insisted on firing him to deal with his nearly towed car.

Choi tries to save Sean's life - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 7

His exit was abrupt, so it seemed unlikely that he would disappear completely. And when the doctors delivered Maya’s baby only halfway through the hour, I knew there had to be something more to this story.

Just as strangely, everyone was exposed to the same drug that Asher had a problem with. It was almost as big a coincidence as an OBGYN walking around when a pregnant woman needed his services!

As a recovering drug addict, shouldn’t Asher have recognized the signs of exposure in herself, or at least thought it strange that she had feelings like before when she was using, even though she knew she was sober?

My guess is that she had a higher tolerance due to her former drug overuse since she was the only one of the exposed three who didn’t collapse and needed Narcan to save her life.

Archer is too close - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 7

Asher then made a mature decision and went to a meeting to avoid a relapse. Good for her!

It’s hard to work in a hospital as a recovering drug addict; there is a lot of stress and easy access to medication. It must be even more complicated when you can be randomly exposed to the drugs you’ve worked so hard to stop abusing!

The transplant patient’s story presented a dilemma, but what choice did Renee’s husband have?

Without antipsychotics, Renee was at risk of harming herself. With them, she was confused at best and catatonic at worst. It was no way to live.

Archer's Personal Stakes - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 7

The only option was to remove the kidney. If her body was rejecting it because she had gone off her immunosuppressants, it would have to be removed anyway, so saving it for someone else made more sense.

This means that if the dialysis fails, which will probably eventually happen, Renee will have no options. She would develop the same problem if she received another transplant.

Her husband knew her best and what she wanted and was clear-headed enough to understand why this was the best option.

Hopefully Marcel feels more comfortable with the decision to go ahead with the surgery now that Renee is happy her husband did it for her.

Newfound Fame - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 6

Finally, Ben can stop being ridiculous anytime now.

Yes, Maggie should have told him about Grant, but there was nothing wrong with Grant offering to contribute to a care package for their daughter. Nor should Maggie apologize for putting Vanessa first.

I love Ben and Maggie together, but that could change if this nonsense doesn’t stop.

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