Call the Fashion Police: Carrie Bradshaw Had a Fake Birkin Bag in ‘Sex and the City’

We’ve long wondered how Carrie Bradshaw could afford so many fabulous things on what we can only assume is a less than generous salary. Turns out she was living a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget.

Speaking recently to vogue for their “Life in Looks” series, SJP took viewers through her personal style over the years, picking out a few highlights to discuss – one of which was a green dress she wore in 2002 while pregnant and filming Sex and the city.

“I can tell you everything I know about this outfit,” she says as the camera focuses on the perfectly color-blocked look. “Okay, it’s not a real Hermes bag, just so you know.”

Microphone. Drop. Carrie Bradshaw didn’t have a real Birkin?!

Apparently not.

“Pat had a person, and she was like, ‘Do you want one? I can get you one. ‘No, I don’t really have one, no…I don’t need one.’ It’s not real,” she said in a rather matter-of-fact tone before grimacing at the camera in light of the confession.

The dress, however, is real. “The dress is real and it’s Juicy Couture.” As seen in the photo, SJP was “super pregnant” at the time. However she SATC the character was do not so the Birkin was meant to be used as a way to distract from her growing bump. “Super pregnant. We tried our best to… Look at the size of this bag. I mean, this bag had a job to do and it did it very badly. Maybe if it was a real bag Hermés, he would have done a better job,” she joked.

“Colors that I wouldn’t usually wear. Very bold. I couldn’t really dress as much as I did when I was pregnant because I worked a lot of time when I was pregnant, but when I was pregnant in my own life, I mostly wore overalls.

In other news, Stylist Patricia Field, the woman behind all of the iconic outfits of sex and the city after that Emilie in Paris, just revealed what some her favorite outfits from the second season of the Netflix hit, and they were unexpected to say the least.

Top of her list was an outfit Emily wore in episode four, including a Marie Katrantzou dress, Vassilis Zoulias cape, brown Scorpios boots, and a plaid hat by Shein with a vintage brooch. Second place was more surprising though and went to a street outfit… from Pretty Little Thing. Yes really. Worn by Mindy as she performs “Falling Slowly” while on tour in Paris, the matching set is actually still available and costs less than €55 for both pieces.

Other items worth mentioning include Sylvie’s Christian Siriano costume from episode 10, Julien’s colorful fashion show outfit and a tulle dress designed by Giambattista Valli for H&M. Worn by Lily Collins, who plays the show’s lead role, the dress is very much in line with Emily’s rather extravagant fashion choices, but many fans of the show were still shocked to learn that Field would rank the pieces so highly. from the main street.

Commenting that she wanted to keep things interesting because “fashion these days has become rather monotonous and boring”, the stylist said season two was “the perfect opportunity to develop Emily’s style as more colorful and optimistic”. Safe to say she definitely made it.

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