British woman sparks debate over shoes indoors

A British woman has sparked a fierce debate after she asked other parents if it was rude to ask guests to take off their shoes when entering her home.

The woman took to online forum Mumsnet to voice her concerns over her pale cream carpets.

“My niece called recently and it was raining heavily, she had cork soled shoes on which sucked a lot of water which she stomped on my carpets,” the woman said.

She said she asked her niece to take her shoes off because she was leaving soggy footsteps behind.

The woman said she didn’t often have to ask people to take their shoes off, but felt uncomfortable when put in that position.

The debate quickly began in the comments – some were quick to tell the woman that her request was not “unreasonable” at all.

“I had to ask the plumber to put on shoe covers because he had been through some mud and was about to bring it into my house,” one person said.

“I guess different people have different standards, I grew up in a house where shoes could be left and I didn’t think about it. But I ask everyone to take their shoes off now and I think it’s rude if they don’t to be honest.”

Another said she hoped Covid would cause people to withdraw from politics as more attention was paid to the number of germ-carrying objects.

“Your house, your rules – don’t make it optional, have a shoe rack at the entrance and preferably a chair so there’s no problem someone less mobile can’t stand comply,” completed his comment.

But others really didn’t see the problem of keeping shoes inside the house, with one person saying feet are just as likely to carry germs.

“I hate the idea of ​​anyone having bare feet in my house,” the social media user commented.

Another added: ‘I hate the ‘shoes off’ rule, it’s unwelcoming. Don’t have a light colored rug if you’re so worried!

“Rugs like this get dirty despite all this nonsense! They are dirt magnets.

“If you have to insist on such a stupid rule, let your visitor know ahead of time so they can bring slippers.”

Another said that despite being a shoe-free family home, she is reluctant to ask visitors to take their shoes off.

“I find that rather rude – that’s like saying my floors are just as important, if not more so, than my guests,” the person said.

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