British Airways ends strict uniform rules for make-up and accessories


British Airways gives its crew the choice of makeup or accessories they want to wear, regardless of gender.

In an overhaul of the company’s strict uniform rules, all of its staff will be able to express themselves by wearing mascara or carrying their luggage in a handbag.

They can also paint their nails or add lipstick.

However, there will be no changes to the airline’s physical uniforms.

A British Airways spokesperson said the company was “committed to an inclusive working environment”.

“We are proud of all of our British Airways colleagues and are committed to an inclusive working environment,” the spokesperson said.

“We’ve worked with our employees to create updated skincare, beauty and accessory guidelines, empowering our colleagues to bring the best, most authentic version of themselves to work every day.”

It comes after Virgin Airlines announced it would give its crew a choice of what uniform to wear.

The airline has announced that its pilots, cabin crew and ground staff now have the option of wearing its red or burgundy uniform.

Female Virgin Atlantic workers were previously required to wear red uniforms, while men wore burgundy.

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