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If you’ve seen and heard a lot about the outdoor gear brand Yeti lately, you are not alone. Made famous by his ultra-insulating coolersthe brand has attracted a devoted following, thanks to its wide range of durable, well-built and well-designed products.

We’ve tested a handful of Yeti products over the years, including its Rambler water bottle – which we’ve named the best water bottle of 2021 – and Yeti travel bags. And after all that testing, we found that in general, everything Yeti does is pretty awesome. But to help you figure out what your hard-earned cash is really worth, we’ve gotten our hands dirty with even more Yeti products. Below, we’ve put together a list of 19 items, most of which have been tested ourselves, that we think you’ll love. So from coolers and Bottles of water at camping chairs and even a dog bedhere are our all-time favorite Yeti products.

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Yeti Tundra 45 Rigid Cooler

Yeti is best known for its incredibly durable and insulated coolers. If you want to be able to keep ice for days while camping or store cold beers in the garden, this 45 liter cooler is the perfect choice for you. We’ve been using the Yeti Tundra for just over a year now, and it’s safe to say it’s the best cooler we’ve ever used. It has been an impromptu fridge on many camping trips and has kept our food chilled. The Tundra is available in tons of sizes, from 35 liters at 350 liters.

Yeti Tundra Haul Rigid Cooler

Yeti coolers have extra thick walls for insulation, which means they can be bulky, heavy and cumbersome to move around. Thankfully, Yeti threw wheels and a handle on the Tundra Haul so you can have a more portable cooler perfect for the park or backyard.

Yeti Hopper Backflip 24 Soft Cooler

If you’re really against lugging around a heavy cooler, consider the Hopper Backflip 24 Soft Cooler. It doesn’t have the same levels of insulation as the Tundra range, but it’s the perfect in-between for a picnic. or a trip to the beach. We tried the backpack and loved the comfort of the shoulder straps, the durability of the exterior, and most importantly, the convenience of keeping your food and drinks cool.

Yeti Rambler 26 ounces

Our choice for best water bottle of 2021, the Yeti Rambler is an exceptional bottle that keeps drinks cold or hot for a ridiculously long time. While the double-walled vacuum insulation is nice, the Rambler beat every other bottle on the market with its ingenious lid. Made up of two parts, it features a spout so you can suck up water when you need it, but you can still access the ultra-wide mouth to quickly fill up with ice and water.

Yeti Rambler Mug 14 oz.

Whether it’s morning coffee or afternoon tea, this insulated mug helps keep your drinks hot until you’re done with them. No more sipping coffee at room temperature after just 30 minutes.

Yeti Rambler 12-Ounce Colster Can Isolator

It’s officially football season and there’s nothing worse than a lukewarm beer on Sunday. Keep your favorite brew cold all game long with this can insulator. Plus, it’s available in different sizes to fit your favorite can, including thin and high options.

Yeti Rambler Wine Glass 10 oz.

Whether you’re sitting around the fire or relaxing on the couch, there’s nothing quite like a glass of wine at the end of the day. If you want to keep that sauvignon blanc ice cold, take a look at this insulated wine glass. It is available in five gorgeous colors and can even be personalized.

Yeti Rambler Stackable Pint 16 Ounce

Perfect for camping or the garden, these stackable insulated pints are the perfect way to sip your drinks while keeping them cool.

Yeti Rambler Half Gallon Pitcher

Keep even more water ice cold for longer adventures with the Rambler Half Gallon Jug. Featuring a comfortable handle and easy-to-drink spout, this dishwasher-safe jug can store all the water you need. Plus, it comes in a full gallon size also if you need to bring even more water.

Yeti Boomer 8 dog bowl

Your pup deserves the best, even if it’s just their food bowl. This super durable bowl is made from stainless steel, and while it’s not insulated, it’s puncture-resistant, stain-resistant, and even dishwasher-safe.

Yeti Trailhead Dog Bed

If you’re going to splurge on a dog bed, we recommend going big on the Yeti Trailhead Dog Bed. It has a removable pillow insert which means it really is two beds in one. Its durable yet soft outer material can take a beating from your pup and it’s even machine washable.

Yeti Trailhead Camping Chair

Perfect for the porch or garden, this sturdy camp chair is the ultimate in comfort. With supportive mesh fabric and an included drink holder, you’ll relax in style. We tested this chair ourselves, and while we think it’s a little too heavy to be a must-have on every camping trip, it’s extremely comfortable and a great buy if you have a semi-permanent place to hang out. put like a garden.

Blanket Yeti Lowlands

$200 to Yeti

Blanket Yeti Lowlands

This extra large and durable blanket is essential if you love picnics. Its thick material has a waterproof bottom layer and a soft, insulated top so you can feel comfortable on the ground even in the roughest terrain.

Yeti Crossroads 27 Liter Backpack

This versatile backpack is fantastic if you’re a student or someone who’s always on the go. With plenty of pockets and organization options, this bag will quickly become your daily companion.

Yeti Crossroads 35 Liter Backpack

Travelers ready to circumnavigate the globe again will love this 35-liter bag, as the interior has a construction more like a suitcase than a traditional backpack. If you need a personal item for flights that can hold clothes like a suitcase, this bag is for you.

Yeti Camino 35 Tote

Yeti’s Carryall Tote is perfect for day trips to town or the beach. Plus, it’s made with waterproof materials so you can easily keep it in your boat without worrying about water seepage. However, it has an open top, so if it’s raining your stuff isn’t guaranteed to stay dry.

Yeti Crossroads 40 Liter Duffel Bag

We’ve tested Yeti’s Crossroads Collection and we love its adventure-ready travel bags. Available in both 40 liters and 60 liters sizes, there’s a surprising amount of organization both inside and out. Plus, the bag’s rugged materials have withstood many camping trips in the year we’ve used them.

Yeti Panga 75 liter sports bag

If you need a completely waterproof bag, look no further than Yeti’s Panga line. These bags are completely submersible and will keep all your belongings dry.

Yeti Crossroads Suitcase 29 inch

Whatever your next adventure, if you need a large, durable suitcase, this is the one for you. Featuring heavy-duty wheels and a tough, water-repellent exterior, this bag can take any beating you throw at it.

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