Best Women’s Ski Clothing and Accessories


Do you dream of a white winter? If you’re heading to the slopes, you’re guaranteed to, but you’re also guaranteed to need women’s ski wear. In addition to sourcing winter coats and boots for our adventures on the tarmac this season, we’re looking to invest in gear that’s suitable for snow, too.

Whether you have skied before or are a total beginner, you’ll need to know exactly what to pack before you hit the slopes and learn the hard way. It’s cold (and wet) out there, folks, and the last thing you want is to fall (even the most experienced skiers do) and find yourself soggy and miserable sooner than expected.

The good news is that you can actually look stylish and Stay dry. Yes, the ski outfits women wear these days aren’t just technical – that is, raincoat and protectors – but they really look chic. Less Chalet Girl, more magazine shoots. Speaking of which, if you feel like channeling your inner ’80s style, we suggest going all out with a vibrant ski suit and goggles.

The women’s ski clothing brands to score? The north face, Perfect moment, Goldberg, PE Nation, Moose Knuckles and Moncler are some of our favourites. While we’re all for buying once and wearing again for years to come, these brands can be pricey, so if you want to save as much money as possible for all that après-ski fun, you can choose some great ones. alternatives. of mountain warehouse and Very dry.

The chicest and coziest duvet coats to wear this winter (that might trick your brain into thinking you’re still in bed!)

We could go on about what to wear to ski, but maybe it’s best for you to see for yourself. Keep scrolling to see all the women’s ski clothing and accessories you’ll need whether you’re heading green Where red track.

Ski jackets

When it comes to choosing women ski jackets, you’re going to want something with lots of pockets (preferably easy to open with gloves on) as well as something comfortable and protective. Filled with down down jackets with faux fur trims are often the most recommended, but anything padded, windproof and waterproof will do.

Goldbergh Bombardino Hooded metallic down quilted ski jacket

Perfect Moment Hooded Houndstooth Embroidered Down Ski Jacket

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Ski trousers

Ski pants (or overalls) are some of the most important ski gear you can buy. Pick something softshell that’s easy to move around when skiing or snowboarding – we recommend doing a few slits as a test – and warm enough without the need for base or mid layers but still roomy in case you want to wear it. It’s also a good idea to pick a pair with built-in gaiters if you really want to keep the snow out when heading off the slopes.

Aztech Mountain + Ed Curtis Team Aztech Print Padded Ski Pants

Fusalp Tipi III Bootcut ski pants

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Ski suits and snow suits

Keep the same specs in mind when buying a ski suit as above. It must be as warm as your down jacket or parka, although perhaps a little more equipped, with a lot of features. Leave plenty of room for your ski underwear (a thermal t-shirt or vest, at a minimum), and throw a vest over it when it gets really cold and you’re good to go. Below are some of the best selling ski suits and wetsuits.

Farm Rio hooded belted printed shell ski suit

Balmain + Rossignol Printed belted ski suit

PE Nation St. Moritz Recycled Belted Flare Ski Suit

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Ski thermals

Probably the most important thing to remember when you go skiing, thermal are your saving grace on and off the slopes. You can buy everything from thermal sweatshirts to headbands, but you’ll definitely need at least a thermal top and a pair of temperature regulating leggings to protect you from the cold.

Dragline base layer

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snow boots

You really want to look the part? When you’re not wearing your ski boots, you’ll need a pair of snowshoes or boots to keep your feet dry to and from your chalet. Luckily, there are some pretty luxurious options on the market, so you’ll find something to match your snowboard jacket in no time.

Moon Boot Shell and Faux Leather Snow Boots

Sorel Caribou Fleece-Trimmed Nubuck and Rubber Snow Boots

Skiing accessories

From mittens to good skiing gloves and everything else, make sure you’ve stocked up on ski accessories as well as the basics. We recommend a good pair of reflective and/or polarized glasses to protect you at least from the white reflections of the snow.

Studded ski goggles CELINE Eyewear

Oakley Flight Deck M Glasses

Montana Utility Etip Gloves

After-ski clothing

The best part about après-ski is that there are no rules; you can wear whatever you want unless you are going somewhere with a strict dress code. For the most part, people go straight from the slopes to the bars with all their professional ski gear (mittens and all), but if you want to change into a change, you can’t go wrong with any of the items below. You can also put it all back on good old UK soil.

Polo Bear Cotton Blend Sweater

UGG Logo Patch Knit Beanie and Scarf Set

Erin Snow Peri Stretch Ski Leggings

Moncler logo-patch wool sweater

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What should not be worn while skiing?

Save anything that isn’t moisture-wicking/waterproof or thermal for after skiing, or wear it under items that will be protect you from the elements. Avoid stiff fabrics like denim as you’ll find you can’t move or navigate the slopes properly, and don’t be tempted to double up your socks – this can actually cause your feet to overheat and/or give you blisters if they regroup. Buy proper ski socks instead.

Should ski clothes be loose or tight? Should you buy ski clothes one size bigger?

Everything should fit you well and be snug enough to keep you warm, but not tight. It is important that you have room for base layers, if you need them, and enough mobility to ski properly. As for what size to buy, it is recommended that you go for a size larger than usual for your pants. This is to make sure you are comfortable and again not restricted.

What should a beginner skier wear?

See our recommendations above, as well as ski socks, a ski helmet and ski boots.

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