Best Under Armor Golf Shoes

What are the best Under Armor golf shoes?

Under Armor started as an apparel company, but quickly grew and began manufacturing golf shoes in 2016. To stand out, it worked with famed biomechanist Jean-Jaques Rivet to create a biometrically designed traction system. proven to give his golf shoes superior grip.

Known for making comfortable and quality golf shoes, Under Armor has made a name for itself in the world of golf. They now make a variety of golf shoes, but the best are the Under Armor Men’s HOVR Forge RC Spikeless Golf Shoes.

What to know before buying Under Armor golf shoes

Spikes vs. no spikes

For a long time, golf shoes only came with spikes, but in 2010, spikeless golf shoes hit the market and gained popularity. Finding the right pair for you depends on your preferences and needs. Here is the difference:

  • Spikes: These have lugs and generally provide more traction and stability, especially in wetter conditions. Spikes tend to be more popular with the pros. Beginners should start with spikes to provide a solid foundation when learning the mechanics of a golf swing.
  • Without studs: These have rubber studs. These have evolved in recent years to offer traction rivaling that of traditional spikes. The biggest appeal is convenience, as you don’t have to change into spikeless shoes to get to the clubhouse. Most spikeless shoes also tend to be more comfortable and easier on the feet.


Most golf shoes were once wingtips or black and white saddle shoes, but as the sport has evolved, so has the style of footwear. You can still buy these retro styles, but most golf shoes today resemble athletic or running shoes. They are designed to improve traction, comfort and support.

What to Look for in Quality Under Armor Golf Shoes

Resistance pull to rotation

You can have the best golf clubs, but it won’t matter if you can’t plant your feet firmly on the ground. This signature Under Armor technology creates traction through horizontal and vertical resistance. It keeps the feet stable for the duration of the swing, which leads to more power and control.


Even if it’s not raining, it gets wet on the golf course, especially if you play early when the grass is wet from dew and sprinklers. Most Under Armor golf shoes are waterproof and water resistant to keep your feet dry on all 18 holes.

Molded EVA footbed

Under Armor’s unique footbed molds to the shape of your foot for a better fit so you don’t slip as easily when you’re on the course. The molded heel is anatomically designed to be more comfortable from the moment you put them on until you take them off at the end of the round.

How much you can expect to spend on Under Armor golf shoes

It depends on size and style, but Under Armor men’s golf shoes cost between $100 and $200. They don’t make as many women’s and children’s golf shoes, but these are slightly cheaper and start at around $70.

Under Armor Golf Shoe FAQs

Should I wear golf shoes to play golf?

A. Technically, no. You can play the actual game in any pair of shoes. However, some clubs may have a strict dress code and may not let you onto the course without proper attire, including golf shoes. As you improve, every detail matters, and the right gear can provide the foundation needed to lower your score.

How do you clean Under Armor golf shoes?

A. You should always follow the washing instructions for each pair of golf shoes, but most shoes can be hand washed with a cloth and warm, soapy water. Some pairs can be machine washed in a laundry bag and on a gentle cycle. How you maintain your shoes is also important. You don’t want to keep your shoes in your car because they can be exposed to extreme heat or cold. You can help your shoes retain their structure by using shoe trees between rounds.

What are the best Under Armor golf shoes to buy?

Best Under Armor Golf Shoes

Under Armor Men’s HOVR Forge RC Spikeless Golf Shoes

What do you want to know: This shoe gives you the feel and traction you get from wearing spikes, but in a comfortable spikeless shoe.

What you will love: The extra-soft cushion supports your feet for hours as you walk the course. They come with the rotational resistance traction that keeps your feet firmly planted as you swing through all conditions. They are also waterproof but light and breathable. They come in two color combinations and start at size 7 and go up to 14.

What you should consider: A small number of customers found the waterproofing unsatisfactory.

Or buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods

Best Under Armor Golf Shoes for the Money

Under Armor Draw Sport Men's Spikeless Golf Shoe

Under Armor Draw Sport Men’s Spikeless Golf Shoe

What do you want to know: They’re made with a durable microfiber leather upper and waterproof wet treatment to keep your feet dry all game long.

What you will love: The midsole is compression molded foam for a lightweight, breathable and comfortable fit. These spikeless shoes are flexible and easy on the feet, but still have the grip of traditional spikes, so traction isn’t compromised.

What you should consider: Some customers find these shoes to be small.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Under Armor Women's Fade RST Golf Shoe

Under Armor Women’s Fade RST Golf Shoe

What do you want to know: These durable, waterproof golf shoes with replaceable spikes were built to last.

What you will love: The molded EVA sockliner and midsole hug your feet for a comfortable, breathable fit. The rotational resistance traction provides extra grip, so you stay firmly grounded on every swing, while the integrated lacing system helps further secure the shoe.

What you should consider: Some customers found these shoes too big and clunky.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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