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Skate shoes are popular with skateboarders and non-skaters alike for their unique style. But aside from looking cool, they’re as essential to the sport as having a good board to ride on. Skate shoes are designed to strengthen your grip on the deck and to be tough enough to take the hits while you practice ollies and kickflips.

New Balance is one of the leading makers of athletic shoes, including a colorful range of skate shoes. For its pro design and premium comfort, the best New Balance skate shoes are the New Balance Numeric Tiago Lemos 1010.

What to know before buying New Balance skate shoes

Skate Shoe Cuts

There are three main fits for skate shoes, and New Balance offers all three:

  • Low shoes look like traditional sneakers. They are lightweight and have padded soles to compensate for lost support around the ankles.
  • Mid-tops are cut just below the ankle. They offer a medium level of ankle support but allow your foot to breathe.
  • high peaks cradling the ankle and preventing it from rolling. They are heavier and less breathable than low cut and mid cut.


There are three main materials used in the manufacture of skate shoe uppers:

  • Sweden is the material of choice for boarders. It’s soft but hard. It withstands intensive use and breathes. It also stretches, making it ideal for tricks and turns.
  • Cloth is made from natural fibers that allow your feet to breathe. It is lightweight and constructed from one solid piece. Canvas does not last as long as other materials.
  • Leather looks elegant and can be worn in a casual setting. Leather skate shoes are more of a fashion statement than a functional shoe as they are heavier and can easily scuff if used for skateboarding.

Types of soles

There are two main soles for skate shoes:

  • Vulcanized soles are made from high temperature rubber that is immediately pressed into the shoe. They are more flexible and offer better grip on the board, but they are more easily punctured.
  • Cup soles are thicker and glued or sewn into the shoe. They leave more room for cushioning, but they don’t provide the board-like feel like vulcanized soles.

What to Look for in Quality New Balance Skate Shoes


New Balance is known for its comfort and places its foam cushioning in the midsoles and insoles to wrap your foot without restricting your movement.

Heel support

Some skate shoes have New Balance’s C-CAP wedge in the heel for added support. It absorbs shock from jumps and provides premium comfort for all size skaters or anyone with a heel injury.


Laces take a beating in skate shoes. Leather and wax shoelaces last longer than other fabrics. Some shoes include a flap that covers the eyelets to protect the laces where they intertwine.

How much you can expect to spend on New Balance skate shoes

Cheap New Balance skate shoes, which feature low-top designs with synthetic uppers and basic colors, cost between $65 and $80. Average price skate shoes are priced between $80 and $100, with mid-tops and suede uppers typically found in this range. Dear New Balance skate shoes are $100 and up. Leather uppers, high cuts and shoes designed in collaboration with professional skateboarders are included in this range.

New Balance Skate Shoes FAQ

What is a protective toe used for?

A. Toe caps provide extra support to the top of the shoe and prevent holes from forming. Skateboarders transitioning and sliding on knee pads should consider shoes with toe caps.

Are their New Balance skate shoes for women?

A. All New Balance skate shoes are unisex and designed for both men and women. Sizes are combined between men and women, such as Men’s 10/Women’s 11.5.

How do you protect the seams of your skate shoe?

A. Over time, the seams of skate shoes will begin to unravel from the constant twisting and turning. A popular remedy is to cover the stitches with super glue. The glue strengthens the stitches and makes them last longer.

What are the best New Balance skate shoes to buy?

Best New Balance Skate Shoes

New Balance Digital Tiago Lemos 1010

What do you want to know: This skate shoe has a retro style and is inspired by the Brazilian professional boarder Tiago Lemos.

What you will love: Featuring a suede and mesh upper with no-sew overlays, this shoe has an impeccable look and feel. The FuelCell midsole provides extra cushion and the rubber outsole grips firmly. It has a lace-up closure and each shoe weighs less than a pound.

What you should consider: These are the most expensive skate shoes sold by New Balance.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Best New Balance Skate Shoes for the Money

New Balance Digital 425

New Balance Digital 425

What do you want to know: This basic short-style skate shoe is the affordable option for maintaining a chic look with functionality.

What you will love: A one-piece suede and synthetic upper provides reliable support. There is a toe reinforcement and a C-CAP wedge in the heel. The shoes are available in basic colors that make pairing easy.

What you should consider: The sizes are slightly narrow for some boarders.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

New Balance Numeric Jamie Foy 306 Laceless

New Balance Numeric Jamie Foy 306 Laceless

What do you want to know: These skate shoes are an updated take on the traditional 306 vulcanized version with a laceless style.

What you will love: The suede upper is designed for heavy use. It has mesh inserts for breathability. The rubber underlay is built to last and made from New Balance’s N-durance gum rubber for superior traction.

What you should consider: The sides absorb extra stress compared to lace-up shoes.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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