Bag full of 7 lakh rupees disappeared from bank in Bikaner, child caught stealing behind closed doors

Bikaner News: A bag containing Rs 7 lakh disappeared from a bank in Bikaner, Rajasthan in broad daylight. The customer had gone to the bathroom and when he returned, the bag was not found. After the complaint, a child was seen running away after stealing the bag when he saw the CCTV cameras installed in the bank. Now the police are looking for the child using this video.

Strong points

  • Theft incident at Marudhara Gramin Bank in Bikaner
  • Bag of money worth seven lakh rupees kept in the cashier’s booth at the bank
  • The police opened an investigation by registering a case of theft
Jaipur: On Friday, a bag containing seven lakh rupees was stolen from the cashier’s cabin of Marudhara Gramin Bank in the Lunkaransar Police Station area of ​​Bikaner district in Rajasthan. SHO Chandrajit Singh said that in the afternoon, the cashier of the bank, Ramlal brought Rs 7 lakh from State Bank branch and went to washroom after keeping it in his cabin and on his return he found the bag full of money. faded away. He reported that in this regard, a theft case was registered against an unknown person in the name of the branch manager. He said that in the investigation of the CCTV installed in the bank, a minor child of 12 to 13 years old is seen coming out of the bank with a bag and a suspicious person was also seen with him and the case makes the subject of an investigation.

Two months ago in Sikar, a gang that had committed a similar incident was arrested.

An interstate gang stealing money by tricking people into depositing money in banks was uncovered just two months ago. Sikar police had arrested three members of the gang. Minors were also involved in this gang. The same entered banks and flew from there unnoticed by people and escaped. In this action, the police had also arrested three minors who committed the crime.
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Incident not only in Rajasthan but also in Haryana, UP

The gang arrested by Sikar police had confessed to committing the crime not only in Rajasthan but also in UP and Haryana. The accused arrested were Mangal Singh Bavaria resident of Dunghri in Shamli district of Uttar Pradesh, Gordhan Gusai resident of Mantown in Sawai Madhopur district and Deepak Gusai resident of Borawad (Parbatsar) in Nagaur district. During police questioning, the accused confessed to committing crimes at various locations in the state.

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