Bad Bunny refuses to give clothes a sex

Bad Bunny refuses to give clothes a gender.

Bad Bunny stars in the June issue of GQ (c) Roe Ethridge/GQ)

The 28-year-old rap star – whose real name is Benito Ocasio – isn’t sure what defines ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ and can’t discriminate between clothing choices based on gender.

He said: “Everyone has to feel comfortable with who they are and how they feel. For example, what defines a man, what defines being masculine , what defines being feminine? I really can’t give clothes a gender. For me, a dress is a dress. If I wear a dress, would it cease to be a woman’s dress? Or vice versa? Like, no. It’s a dress, and that’s it. It’s not a man, it’s not a woman. It’s a dress.

The Latin singer – who worked packing groceries in a Puerto Rico supermarket before rising to fame and becoming Spotify’s most streamed artist of 2021 with 9.1 billion plays worldwide – went on to say that becoming a celebrity had never been his intention and explained that his native audience would generally “underestimate” Latino musicians who sang in their own language.

In a new cover for GQ’s June issue, he said: “I was never on a mission to say, Oh, I’m going to do this. It just happened naturally. Like, I don’t I’ve never made a song saying, ‘This is going to go all over the world.’ I’ve never made a song thinking, “Man, this is for the world. It’s to capture the gringo audience. Never. On the contrary, I make songs like only Puerto Ricans are going to listen to them. I still think I’m here to make music, and it’s for Puerto Ricans. I forget that the whole world listens to me.

“Latino audiences would always underestimate their artist. Sometimes Latinos would want to record with an American, and because they’re American, they’d think, I have to do it. No, man. He’s not at the level that I am , you know? Just because they’re American. But that perspective has changed. You can see it now. People have taken notice. They suddenly see, Wow, Bad Bunny is the most listened to on Spotify for 70 days. C It’s not the American. It’s this guy, who’s Latino.

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