Back-to-school beauty: 15 items you need in your beauty bag

As the summer days begin to dwindle, it’s time to prepare for the fall days ahead, and that starts with the return to school. Whether it’s going to high school or starting your freshman year at college, you need to have your beauty game under lock and key, and we know exactly what you need to not only look good, but also feel good.

“This year and every year, natural-looking skin is all the rage,” says celebrity makeup artist and esthetician Brianna Meshack. “Women wear less and pay attention to the details that matter, like a fierce forehead, beautiful skin and a bold lip. Celebrities who do it well are Rihanna, Marsai Martin, Normani, Lori Harvey.

Back-to-school beauty: 15 items you need in your beauty bag

Meshack also mentions that your skincare routine should be a big part of your routine instead of applying too much makeup. “A great skincare regimen that includes a balancing cleanser, AHA exfoliators, pH-balancing toner, and moisturizer should do the trick.”

When it comes to hair looks, beauty expert Sir Tony explained what young women are looking for when it comes to back to school styles. “Young black women are becoming more aware of the beauty of their natural curls,” he shares. “You also have girls who don’t want to deal with their hair on a day-to-day basis, so they go for braids, which is also very chic.”

Sir Tony predicts box braids and twists are what you’ll see most on campus as students jostle back and forth for lessons. “It’s important to have a versatile style, so you can wear it in different ways.”

Back-to-school beauty: 15 items you need in your beauty bag

He also mentions that hair accessories are a great way to make your hairstyle unique. “Beautifully embroidered clips and hairpins are worn to enhance the styles.”

With these amazing suggestions, we’ve put together a few items that will help you get ready for school in less than an hour, because who has that much time to get ready for class?

Below are some amazing brands we’ve found that have inspired us for back-to-school beauty.

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