Australian tourist in Bali asks for help as bag comes out with cable tie

An Australian traveler was left baffled when she noticed her luggage had an orange cable attached to one of the handles after a flight from Sydney to Bali.

The woman, who was on a Jetstar flight, took to the Bali Bogans Facebook group which has 312,000 members, asking her followers if they knew what it was about.

“Does anyone know what that cable tie on our bags means? Arrived last night and one bag took a little longer and came out with that tag. I’m assuming it’s been inspected?” she wrote in the post alongside a snap of her bag with the cable tie.

Many were also confused by the orange cable, while others explained that they too had experienced the same thing.

“I had the same thing on my bag, customs searched my bag and took my alcohol,” one person wrote.

“I had a tag, and they didn’t check me, but there was cheese and salami inside,” another person added.

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A third person said: ‘I had different tags before and they went through my bag.

However, the passenger explained that she was not stopped by customs, prompting others to respond that she was “lucky” because their luggage was searched due to the cable.

Others said they found green cable ties on their luggage once they arrived at Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar.

“I was arrested in 2019. Mine was green and they stopped and searched me and charged me AUD $300… I was carrying bluetooth speakers as gifts for my friends. They gave me the option to leave at the airport and pick me up on the way back, ”explained a traveler.

“I just paid, I was pissing myself off. I had to sign papers and I had no idea what I was signing!

Another chalk explained was previously used in Bali to mark some bags after the x-ray and that the luggage clips “just mean you have something in your luggage that they think you shouldn’t have”.

Angus Kidman, travel expert at Finder, told if your luggage has unexpected marks or ties, it usually means one of two things.

“Either the airline has checked its contents in transit, or customs officials want to inspect it further when you pass through border control,” he explained.

“Historically, Bali has sometimes used chalk marks on bags to identify potentially inconvenient baggage that may contain illegal goods or will incur additional duties and taxes. Cable ties now seem to be part of the mix,” a- he declared.

“Similarly in Australia, markings made by border security officers on your arrival card may signal that your baggage needs further inspection.”

Martin Engeler, managing director of Brisbane-based aviation safety consultancy Airline Tactical Solutions, told Yahoo 7 that the orange cable tie seen on the suitcase pictured is not related to the airline and that it it’s more of a “Bali thing”.

“Luggage is checked before it leaves the airport… It tells customs to check that bag,” he told the publication.

“It’s for people trying to bring in stuff like electronics.”

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