Assaulter of a woman for wearing “indecent clothes”: a man remanded in custody for 3 days

A court in Narsingdi today granted 3-day pre-trial detention to Ismail Mia, who is charged in a case filed for assaulting a woman on the platform at Narsingdi station for wearing what they claimed were “indecent clothes”.

Railway Police presented arrested person Ismail Miah (38) to Narsingdi Magistrate’s Court with a seven-day dismissal prayer, said Deputy Inspector (SI) Emayedul Jahedi, in charge of the Narsingdi railway police outpost, reports our Brahmanbaria correspondent.

However, Judge Mehnaz Siddiqui granted a three-day pretrial detention this afternoon (May 23, 2022), he added.

Earlier, Railway Police officials lodged a complaint under sections 10 and 30 of the Prevention of Punishment of Women and Children Act at Bhairab Railway Police Station, accusing two people , including a woman, another unidentified woman and 10 men. Railway Police (SI) Sub-Inspector Harunuzzaman Rumel was assigned to investigate the matter.

OI said that Ismail Mia, son of Badal Miah from Budiamara region under Narsingdi Sadar Upazila’s Nazarpur Union was arrested last Friday night.

However, as no case has been filed in the incident so far, he was arrested under Article 54 and taken to Narsingdi Magistrate’s Court on Saturday afternoon. The court sent him to jail and ordered the incident to be investigated and a complaint filed, he added.

Later, as instructed by the court, Deputy Inspector Imaedul Jahedi filed a complaint with Bhairab Railway Police Station, where Ismail was charged and later appeared in court today.

When contacted, the Officer in Charge (OC) of Bhairab Railway Police Station, Ferdous Ahmed Biswas, said the remand of the accused would start from today. The police are continuing their operation to arrest the other defendants in the case.

Narsingdi station master ATM Musa told the Daily Star that the incident happened at around 5am on Wednesday May 18, 2022. A fight ensued when women at the station objected to what a young woman is wearing what they described as ‘indecent clothing’.

The incident came to light after a video went viral on Facebook.

According to witnesses, two young men and a young woman were waiting for a train on the platform of Narsingdi station. The woman was dressed in jeans and sleeveless tops.

An elderly man made an indecent comment about the woman’s dress and one of the two who was with the victim got locked in an altercation with the man.

At that point, an old woman joined them there and started verbally attacking the woman over her attire. Then a few men join them.

At one point, unruly youths began beating the two young men and assaulting the woman.

Later, the woman was forced to run to the station master’s room and take cover. Later, when the situation calmed down, she left.

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