Are your golf injuries caused by your golf shoes?

Golf foot injuries such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis are becoming more common among golfers. These stress injuries are often caused by overuse. Especially in the last couple of years when people are playing more often or getting into the game without having as much walking experience.

Although many people analyze the physical problems that are causing you foot pain, they often overlook the obvious ones. Your choice of footwear.

So, is your choice of golf shoe contributing to your foot pain? I asked Paul McMullan, a podiatrist specializing in lower extremity sports injuries, to give us the bottom.

Is the type of golf shoe so important?

“A lot of the misconception is that the softer the shoe, the more comfortable it is. Yes, it may seem that way at first, but in reality, in the long run, it won’t provide the most comfort.

Because the shoe is so soft, it is more flexible, which means that the foot moves a lot more, which leads to mechanical overload. Paul explains.

“There is a strong link between the softness and casualness of a shoe and the risk of injury as more stress is applied to the foot.”

“Generally, if someone sits behind a desk all the time and doesn’t walk too much, shoe choice becomes less important. But because golfers go through a lot of steps during the game of golf. We need to be much more aware of our shoe choices.

“Golfers don’t realize that they average around 15,000 steps during a round of golf, and choosing soft, ultra-comfortable golf shoes that allow the foot to rotate during the swing is likely to create serious Softer ground on fairways and greens only compounds the problem Some chronic heel-to-toe injuries sustained while playing golf can lead to long-term soreness from morning to night, and may even require intervention surgical.

What to Look for in Shoes to Avoid Golf Injuries

“One of the first things we do when we assess someone is ask them to bring all their shoes. And in my experience, if you grab the heel and toe of a golf shoe and can twist it, then those shoes are way too flexible for golf.

“Slightly heavier golf shoes that are ergonomically designed to support the foot during the golf swing will prevent these types of injuries from occurring. After reviewing the current supply of golf shoes on the market, I would recommend Duca Del Cosma shoes like the men’s Churchill style and the women’s Siren model which are clearly better designed for golf and prevent long term foot injuries.

golf injuries

“Also having more different types of golf shoes rather than wearing the same golf shoe all the time. Having a bit of variety helps with the mechanical load going through your feet. Wearing the same shoes all the time can also be a cause of injury.

What should be avoided in golf shoes?

“Narrow golf shoes. Having the right width is essential. Some of these shoes are very restrictive around the forefoot and some golfers have wider feet than others. Having this width in the forefoot can make a huge difference.

“The material is also important, some uppers are more comfortable and put less pressure on the top of the foot.

“A really soft casual shoe. Unfortunately, there is a strong correlation between the softness and casualness of a shoe and the risk of injury. Players think it’s great because it’s soft, but it actually causes mechanical overload. So he is mainly looking for this rigidity. “

What can you do if you have symptoms of plantar fasciitis or other common golf injuries?

“One of the very simple drills we would give players is to just stand on the edge of the stairs. So the ball of the foot is on the stairs and the heel drops off the edge of it. Slowly drop the heel to edge, pause for a second, then explode upwards as high as you can. This is just to build strength as a lot of injuries are due to a muscle that gets weaker over time.

So if you want to avoid golf injuries, make sure you have supportive shoes that can handle the pressure of your swing mechanics and all the steps you take on the golf course.

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