Antonia Saint NY Announces SoftSurround System(TM) Patent to Make Shoes Stylish and Comfortable

New York, New York – (Newsfile Corp. – July 7, 2022) – Antonia Saint NY has received a patent for her SoftSurround System™ that can make high heels as comfortable as sneakers. High heels and comfort don’t usually mix. Although heels can up the style quotient, they can weigh heavily on the feet when worn for long periods of time.

Over the years, women have come to accept the pain of beautiful shoes as the price of being stylish. It’s either style or comfort, not both. Antonia Saint NY seeks to overturn that concept with its new patented SoftSurround System™ which includes multiple components to make it easier to wear even stiletto heels all day long.

Thanks to uneven weight distribution, a wearer of high heels can descend on the ball of the foot with 2.5 times their body weight. Additionally, wearing heels can cause stinging pain and even swollen toes and blisters, among other issues. In the long term, wearing heels without support can cause nerve damage, knee pain, bone spurs, weakened ligaments, etc. Despite this, 73% of women still wear high heels.

To add to that, finding shoes that fit perfectly isn’t easy. Industry research has revealed that 60% of people have feet that differ in size, even if it’s a few millimeters. Foot size can increase over time as ligaments and tendons stretch, weight shift can occur, and walking on hard surfaces creates additional strain, but people are generally not re-measured over time. So it’s no surprise that 88% of women wear shoes that are too small.

Antonia Saint Dunbar, co-founder and chief design officer of Antonia Saint New York (ASNY), developed the SoftSurround System™ over a three-year period based on her own pain points and after extensive consultation with a podiatrist renamed. Antonia redesigned the heels to deliver the right combination of style and to place comfort in key areas of each shoe. Her final designs focus on the main areas that needed to be addressed with shoes, which she calls the three Cs – comfort, construction and custom fit.

For added comfort, the SoftSurround System™ includes features such as two anti-blister tabs on the back of the heel, side padding strips to hold the feet in place and a tri-arch support to support the three arches and a double layer support throughout the shoe. that provides 200% more cushioning underfoot. Toes get extra attention with a foam topper, chunky toe pad, and deeper toe box for more room around the toes. An extra deep heel cup adds stability as the wearer walks, and a three-layer cushion under the ball of the foot helps to further relieve any pressure.

For construction, the patented design features the entire heel shank wrapped in ballistic nylon that sits one level below Kevlar, which is used for body armor. In fact, it is always possible to distinguish a pair of ASNY shoes because this material is visibly present as a heel cover. Wear is further minimized with reinforced toes to reduce scuffing, plus more durable upper and heel materials that last 5-7x longer with stronger heel tips.

For Customized Fit, ASNY takes into account that more than half of the population have feet of different sizes, but are still forced to buy one pair of shoes when two sizes would be an ideal choice. Unlike any other shoe company, ASNY allows the user to customize their fit by individual left and right sizes if needed by adding this option to “Customize Your Fit” on their website.

Commenting on the SoftSurround System™, Antonia said: “It took me over 30 years to realize how much we all miss shoes and don’t need to live our days distracted by the pain of something. as simple as our shoes. We deserve better, and we have lives far too complex to be held back any longer. That’s why I’ve dedicated my attention to making it better for all of us, and I can’t wait for the world to know that these shoes with the patented SoftSurround System™ now exist for them to wear and enjoy.

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