anti-fit clothing: Back on campus: breathable and easygoing, students are spotted wearing anti-fit clothing

The cacophony of college campuses is in full swing, as is a fashion trend that students prefer for their post-Covid classes. With comfort being key, young people now believe in going beyond those form-fitting, tight-fitting clothes that would allow their skin to breathe. Examples? Boyfriend or mom jeans, baggy pants, caftans, oversized t-shirts, square shirts, trapeze dresses, etc.

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Pune-based fashion designer Rashmi Mhaske says comfort reigns supreme with anti-fit silhouettes replacing fitted ones. “So you don’t have to hold your breath when you put on an outfit. Anti-adjustment clothing is that it suits all body types.

“It’s especially good for Indian women because it works wonders for a heavy figure both up and down,” she adds.

How students in Pune love the trend

Students in Pune opt for both the loose top and bottom or balance it out by wearing the fitted top or bottom, just like Shreya Gautam, final year student of MA Mass Communication (Journalism) at Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication.

“For me, anti-fit is the easiest style to wear,” says Revathi Vinod Bhavigadda, a 4th year student at the Symbiosis Institute of Design. “Coming from a fashion background, looking stylish is not a foreign concept to me and what better way to express your style in anti-fitting clothes that are fashionable yet comfortable.”

The role played by the pandemic in setting a trend

“Yes, the pandemic has definitely given me a new perspective on fashion and style, which has allowed me to tweak my style and add looser and more comfortable pieces of clothing,” adds Revathi.

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Anshita Gaur, a third-year psychology student at Fergusson College, doesn’t even recall wearing fitted jeans anytime after the lockdown. “I used to wear it more in the winters, but the horrible heat that Pune gives us, I prefer to stick to baggy tops, oversized pants and skirts. I want my body to breathe,” says Gaur.

A casual and comfortable look is key for many

Hot days and returning to class for such long periods of time prompt students to opt for anti-adjustment clothing. Some even like to consider it the best of both worlds, androgynous styling and giving it an edgy edge.

A second-year BBA student at Indira College of Commerce and Science, Wachi Pareek loosens both her jeans and her top or simply ties her oversized top so that it’s loose at the shoulders and gathered a bit at the bottom. above the waist.

The dress style which was once considered shabby has become the go-to thing for young people, especially those who don’t have a college dress code.

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How do they style anti-fit?

Accessories: Popular shoe choices to complete the look are white sneakers, sleek sandals, and heels. While some prefer cute little earrings or a stack of rings, many would opt for a simple wristwatch.

Reconcile: A basic CC cream or pressed powder, eyeliner, mascara, maybe a little cheek tint and lip gloss are what fashion-forward students prefer to wear.

Hair: Most prefer to keep it tied up in a ponytail or a messy bun, which with shorter hair be sure to keep the claw clips handy.

Bag: Kelly bag, hobo bag, banana bag or Birkin bag goes very well with anti-fit outfits.

I have a love-hate relationship with pajamas. As I have slightly heavier bottoms, I find a loose top with pajamas not very flattering for my body type. So I stick to fitted shorts or jeans if I choose an oversized top. As for dresses, I choose trapeze or summer dresses rather than tight ones

-Shreya Gautam, final year, Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication

It’s like being in your skin, wearing with confidence what I feel comfortable in. Thanks to the trend, it’s such a lifesaver, especially in this sweltering heat.

– Shivangi Sen, first year, Symbiosis Institute of Health Science.

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