Angry woman calls police after KFC didn’t pack enough chicken with her order


The woman claimed she had paid for an eight-piece meal at the KFC branch in Ohio, United States, and demanded that a police officer be sent to the fast food restaurant to investigate.

Angry woman called police and said she paid for eight pieces of chicken but only received four

A woman called the police and demanded they send an officer to KFC after he botched her order and ‘only’ gave her four pieces of chicken.

The force in Ohio, USA decided to remind people not to waste their time by posting the details of the useless and bizarre 911 call.

The starving American claimed she paid eight coins at the drive-thru.

She decided not to return to the branch and allow them to rectify the error – instead she took her complaint to the top, but quickly regretted her rant when the details of the appeal were returned public.

“I only have four pieces of chicken and I want my chicken,” she told the dispatcher.

She called 911 when she discovered the traumatic news crew had only put four pieces of chicken in her order.


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The person on the other end of the line told him that the matter should be discussed with the manager of KFC.

But much to the worker’s horror, the caller then insisted that an officer be sent to the scene.

Police were forced to make it clear that they don’t want to hear from people having petty fast food disputes.

Euclid Police Chief Scott Meyer said: “While we are here to serve the public, an incorrect passing order is not a police matter.”

The issue of reporting chicken shortages as a crime is not exclusive to America.

But Brits also have a habit of calling the police to report a shortage of chicken


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In 2018 Britons were lambasted for calling 999 after KFC was forced to close 629 restaurants across the UK.

A few resorted to calling emergency services to report the lack of chicken.

The official Tower Hamlets Twitter account posted a message asking people not to call them about the closures.

The message read: “Please do not contact us about the # KFC Crisis – it’s not a police matter if your favorite restaurant doesn’t serve the menu you want.”

During the ‘crisis’, an angry KFC fan who complained he was forced to go to Burger King on ITV news was offered a year’s worth of free food by BK.

Other unnecessary phone calls to 999 include a lady whose freezer she ordered didn’t show up and a woman from Manchester who claimed her mischievous cat was ‘puzzling’ while playing with a string.

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