Allbirds ReRun sells gently used shoes at a discount

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Whether you’re passionate about Allbirds or want to try out its eco-friendly footwear for the first time, now you can shop the brand’s footwear in a whole new way. The company has just launched a new e-commerce platform, Allbirds ReRun, which sells gently used second-hand shoes at a discount. But how does the new program work? And how can you save on the styles and sizes you’re looking for? Before you think, “ew, used shoes,” we figured out how it works.

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What is Allbirds ReRun?

After launching in 2016, Allbirds expanded beyond its ubiquitous woolen sneakers and introduced several apparel and footwear styles over the years. Now, thanks to Allbirds ReRun, you can shop a wide range of shoe styles from the brand for less, a bargain because shoes rarely, if ever, go on sale. The trade-off: For the lower price, you’ll get a lightly used pair traded in by another Allbirds buyer. For example, on ReRun, the Tree Dasher running shoe, originally $125, is currently available in men’s and women’s sizes for $79-$89 (a savings of $36-$46).

The ReRun site follows Allbirds’ other sustainability commitments and is part of the company’s new ‘recommerce’ program. The brand says the initiative is “closely linked” to its “Flight Plan”, a list of its “environmental commitments” including a goal “to double the life of its products by the end of 2025”.

How to buy Allbirds ReRun

When shopping on ReRun, you can use the site’s filters to sort by size, style, color material, and condition. The site includes discontinued colorways (naturally, since these are used shoes), giving you another chance to score styles you may have missed.

However, because the ReRun platform is stocked with shoes from its in-store trade-in pilot, you won’t come across every size and style combination on ReRun. If you can’t find what you’re looking for right away, you can keep checking – at press time there was no way to ask Allbirds to send you stock updates when your size and your preferences become available. According to ReRun’s press team, the site is currently updated “very frequently”, with new sizes, styles and colors being released approximately every month.

How does Allbirds rate the shoes they sell on ReRun?

If you fancy dirty, smelly sneakers, Allbirds promises you won’t find any here. Before buying and stepping into someone else’s shoes, ReRun checks the quality of the shoes. According to a press rep for Allbirds, ReRun’s warehouse and its partner, Trove, a “recommerce” service “sort and grade” and even refurbish second-hand shoes so that “only pairs of the most high quality are sold on ReRun”. Pairs that are not resold are donated or recycled, while those on ReRun are classified into two condition categories: excellent and very good.

Once you’ve selected a pair, you can read why it earned its Condition Rating (i.e. slight crease on the upper, minor tread wear on the outsoles, etc. ). You can also filter the search results by condition to get only “excellent” or “very good” shoes.

Can you sell your old Allbirds on ReRun?

Technically, no – if you want to sell your own pair, you’ll have to look to second-hand sites like eBay, ThredUp or Poshmark. If you wish to bring your pair to ReRun, you will need to bring it in person to one of the brand’s three outlets: the Century City store in Los Angeles, the Oakbrook store in Chicago, and the Upper West Side store in New York. If the shoes are in the correct condition for the ReRun program, you will receive a $20 discount on any new Allbirds purchase over $98. Allbirds plans to expand the exchange program nationwide in the near future and add a mail-in option, so keep an eye out if there is currently no drop-off location near you.

Is ReRun worth it?

The short answer: at Reviewed, we plan to test to find out! But in the meantime, based on Allbirds’ quality assurances, we think it’s worth a try. If you are not satisfied with the shoes you receive, you can return them within 30 days.

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