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Accessories brand Buzzy Wandler is in expansion mode, launching its first full ready-to-wear collection for the Spring 2023 season.

“It happened pretty organically – you never really [have] it’s time to sit still while you’re in the middle of a rollercoaster,” creative director Elza Wandler told WWD of the collection’s creation. “The brand is five years old, and before COVID-19 it was two years – we really had no time to look back and think about where we would like to go. During the pandemic, we talked about whole brand and I talked about creating a whole world – really building a look. It seemed a little big at the time, so that’s why I started the leather pants. It felt like a good step and a test of how people would react, and since leather is at the heart of the brand [in accessories], it was natural. The online customer response has been so good – I think women have appreciated the cuts, which is everything in the clothes. It’s like shoes, you want to feel beautiful. The response was so positive, so I felt I could either carry on as I am or unveil this – I chose the latter.

A Wandler look for Spring 2023.

Following the successful launch of the brand’s first assortment of leather and denim pants with a select number of retail partners and through the brand’s e-commerce platform last September, Wandler said expanding the world Wandler focused on handbags and shoes was a natural next step.

“The idea for this season was, we have these pants, build on them with tops and go from there, and next fashion week we’ll do a bigger collection rtw. But then you start designing and you excite, to get fabrics – before you know it, a top becomes a dress, and before you know it, you’re looking at the most expensive Italian silks. You’re in the middle of a candy store, more or less. This collection grew by building, it was not intentionally meant to be this large,” Wandler said.

The robust range, which includes 50 looks made up of more than 100 pieces, is designed for the “woman who wants to have something distinctive and stand out, but still elegant and feminine”.

A Wandler look for Spring 2023.

Spring offers versatile and modern clothing in a range of Italian silk, silk organza and silk blends, lambskin, pure cotton, crochet and knit across dresses, tops, garments outerwear, pants and skirts. Wandler said the fabrications, especially the sheer styles, were loosely based on Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” for its purity, while Wandler’s personal style – as well as the versatile wardrobe of his friends and colleagues – influenced the line’s clean silhouettes and upbeat palette.

The bright hues – shades of light pink, lavender, greens and orange with neutral tones – were pulled directly from the collection’s matching handbag and shoe offering, which was developed before the rtw due to leather goods production lead time. The same philosophy extends to daytime silhouettes with clean architectural shapes, unexpected details and a playful spirit. For example, there was Spring’s tan leather dress, which Wandler called luxurious yet quirky and fun; a lilac square blouse with bright orange pants or a three-way striped cotton knit top in shades of green. Apart from the knits, which were produced in Belgium, the entire line is said to have been sewn in Amsterdam, where the brand is based.

A Wandler look for Spring 2023.

“I think with clothes, if you want to go with a complete look or choose a piece, that should indicate how you want to style it. The collection gives the opportunity to do so. I hope women feel drawn to this part as well,” Wandler said. “If they don’t want to go for an all-color look, maybe you can take the green organza blouse and style it with something beige or black, but that green blouse will never scream. It’s important in the language of design.

The Wandler spring collection, priced in the advanced contemporary and emerging designer category from $340 for tops to $2,400 for leather jackets, goes on sale in Paris from Saturday. After spring, Wandler aims to produce two collections a year, split into drops, while dreaming of an even bigger Wandler world with catwalks and physical stores.

A Wandler look for Spring 2023.

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