A woman who died in a bag in Mathura has not yet been identified


The woman, whose body was found wrapped in polythene wrapped in a wheelie bag found along the Yamuna highway, has yet to be identified.

A family from Kanpur Dehat had arrived in Mathura to identify the body but it was not the missing woman from Kanpur and they returned to Kanpur on Saturday morning.

“Efforts are underway to identify the body found on Friday afternoon. A public notice was posted illustrating identifying marks on the body. She appears to be in her early twenties,” said Abhishek Pandey, SSP, Mathura.

“According to the established procedure, the unidentified body is submitted to an autopsy after 72 hours of waiting so that the owners of the body can identify it. Efforts are continuing as the family who arrived from Kanpur Dehat on Friday evening did not find the missing female member of their family,” Mathura Rural Police Superintendent Trigun Bisen said on Saturday.

After the photos of the woman were shared on social media, a family from Kanpur Dehat showed up in Mathura on Friday night as they searched for a missing woman from Mangalpur area in Kanpur Dehat since November 11. A case is recorded in this regard. .

Police said the woman was shot in the chest and there were bloodstains on her face and wounds.

Forensic experts and a team of dogs were called in to collect evidence.

Department sources who said a ‘kalawa’ (sacred thread) and a black thread were also found on the deceased’s wrist, believe that the woman could have been murdered elsewhere and her body was dumped near the highway.

Mathura Police released a photo of the woman hoping she would be identified. They can be contacted at 94544-03948.

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