A Sheffield woman who is hosting five Ukrainian refugee children is in dire need of clothes, toys and furniture

Masha Golovay, who lives in Grenoside, is appealing to individuals and businesses to donate clothes, toys and furniture so the family members she and her partner are hosting will also feel comfortable as possible.

Masha, who is a community nurse, grew up in Ukraine before coming to Sheffield around 13 years ago, and is now a British citizen, but her twin brother still lives in their native country with his wife and children.

She hopes to welcome two of her brother’s children, as well as her cousin and her cousin’s three children.

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Masha Golovay, who lives in Grenoside, Sheffield, with her seven-year-old niece Agnes and 17-year-old nephew Oleksiy, in Ukraine this week. She hopes to get them and four other loved ones to safety in the UK

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His older nephews, aged 19 and 22, stay behind to fight if necessary, as all men between the ages of 18 and 60 have been ordered to do, along with their father and mother, who want stay for now to continue helping other families on the run. violence.

The two boys and three girls coming to Sheffield are between the ages of four and 17, and Masha and her partner, who have no children, are in desperate need of donations to ensure the youngsters have everything they need. need when they arrive.

Masha’s friend, Emily Radford, has appealed for donations on behalf of Masha, who is currently in western Ukraine trying to secure visas for her loved ones.

Emily said: “She desperately needs things to make their rooms feel more like their own space, rather than just four bare walls and a mattress on the floor.”

She said the response so far has been fantastic, but Masha and her partner still need more items, including bunk beds; bedding; toys for children, especially older ones; a larger dining table and chairs; night tables; a wardrobe and a chest of drawers; and car booster seats. They are unable to collect items, so they ask people to deliver donations to Masha’s home.

The children don’t speak English so they don’t need books unless someone has Ukrainian children’s books.

Emily said the six parents Masha hopes to bring to Sheffield are expected to have their visa applications considered next Wednesday, March 23, and it could take up to a week after that before they are allowed to come to the UK. United.

The UK government has been criticized by other European countries for not doing enough to help Ukrainian refugees, and Emily said Masha found the confusion around the visa application process “horrendous”.

She said: “Masha has had many sleepless nights and faced such confusion because I can’t tell you how many times the process has changed.

“As anyone who follows the news knows, the bombs are heading west, and all the while you wait, you are faced with the choice of staying in the relative safety of western Ukraine or to go to the relative unknown of Poland, knowing that at some point it might be too late to leave.

Anyone who can donate has been invited to email [email protected] describing what they are able to offer.

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