A robbery suspect wearing the victim’s clothing and jewelry has been arrested

SPOKANE, Wash. — A robbery suspect has been taken to Spokane County Jail after she was found wearing a victim’s clothing and jewelry.

Deputies responded to a report of a home burglary at a gated home near North 5 Mile Road and North Berridea Road in northwest Spokane County. The caller said his son arrived home and noticed the lights come on in the house, noticing an unknown woman inside the house. The suspect, Shawn M. Lamere, 31, moved to the upper floor of the house.

When the deputies arrived at the house, they spoke with several people in the front yard of the house and informed that Lamere was still inside the house.

Deputies checked the upstairs bedroom where the suspect was last seen, finding that the door was locked. They told Lamere to repeatedly open the door and surrender, but she didn’t listen.

Deputies were told there was a potential firearm in the bedroom. Having received no response from Lameere, the deputies forced the door.

Deputies saw Lamere lying face down on the bed with blankets covering her. She was taken into custody without further incident.

Deputies say when told of her rights, Lamere said she had climbed the mountain to a castle and slept in the bedroom because a ghost had told her.

Deputies say Lamere wore the victim’s underwear, dress and $2,200.00 in jewelry. The jewelry was returned to the victim, but she did not take her clothes back.

Lamere received medical attention. She was taken to and incarcerated in the Spokane County Jail for residential burglary.

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