A pro loses his shoes after being attacked by fire ants

As Lindsey Weaver-Wright lined up to approach the 9th green on Friday, she was greeted by a terrifying sight – fire ants.

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RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. — Lindsey Weaver-Wright found herself in an unusual situation during her second round at the Chevron Championship.

As she lined up to hit her approach on the par-5 9th hole of Mission Hills, she felt something crawling in her shoes. When she looked down, she was greeted by a terrifying sight: fire ants.

“I looked down and had ants all over my feet,” Weaver-Wright told GOLF.com. “They were like riding up to my ankles. So I just slipped [my shoes] really fast so I didn’t get bitten or anything.

As you can see in the video above, the speed at which she got rid of her shoes was quite impressive.

“Panic,” Weaver-Wright said. “Absolute panic.”

The ants, she explained, were in a heap in the middle of the fairway. She didn’t notice them when she approached the ball, but it didn’t take her long to realize something was wrong.

Luckily for Weaver-Wright, she was granted a waiver under rule 16.2.a, titled “Dangerous Animal Condition.”

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“A ‘dangerous animal condition,'” the rules say, “exists when a dangerous animal (such as poisonous snakes, stinging bees, alligators, fire ants or bears) near a ball may cause injury serious bodily harm to the player if he or she were to play the ball as it lies.

It certainly fits the bill.

However, the situation didn’t seem to bother Weaver-Wright too much. After dusting herself off and relieving herself, she ended up birdie – her first of the day.

“I think it lightened the mood a bit,” she said.

Weaver-Wright then shot a bogey-free 70 for the day to comfortably make the cut.

Hopefully she doesn’t encounter any other dangerous animals over the weekend.

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