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New Delhi, March 25 (IANSlife): Forest of Chintz is an evolving brand that creates unique jewelry, bags, clothing and accessories for the style and fashion conscious. She opened her first store in India at Mahalaxmi in Mumbai.

Forest of Chintz’s USP reinvents traditional craft techniques to speak in a contemporary voice. The brand combines the highest level of traditional hand embroidery techniques with fresh, edgy and often playful designs to present a vibrant and contemporary range of embroidered fashion accessories, a capsule collection of clothing and a collection of embroidered works of art.

Chintz Forest_Countryside

Designs are inspired by culture, bridging the gap between the familiar and the cosmopolitan. Accessory bags, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and scarves are inspired by diverse yet fascinating elements drawn from contemporary life and culture. Gothic art, sea anemones, the ubiquitous Polka Dot, and forest wonderland are all on their canvas. The clothes are influenced by the relaxed lifestyle and have clean cuts that are easy to wear for all occasions.

Recognizing the highest levels of artistry, craftsmanship and design in each of its products, the brand wanted a curated display as well as an experiential art gallery-like space for its wares. It is a space dedicated to both design and culture, as well as the sale and exhibition of products.

Shimul Javeri Kadri (SJK Architects) designed the interiors of the store and the innovative display areas were inspired by the stepwells of India. The faux gray IPS finish complements the brand’s signature and serves as the perfect backdrop for the merchandise.

Chintz Forest

“We were inspired to present Forest of Chintz by all that is fascinating in our lives: nature, history, travel, the modern world, technology, architecture, art, the wonderful craftsmanship in India as well as elsewhere in the world to design imaginative, offbeat and innovative brand fashion while representing the country’s rich artisanal heritage,” said founders Nitai Mehta and Sumangali Gada.

Necklace_Collection-dropdown-polka mania_Forest of Chintz

The brand creates pieces for women of all ages who aren’t afraid to assert themselves or stand out anywhere in the world by combining innovative design and age-old techniques in a modern and sometimes whimsical way.

Embroidery is the cornerstone of the collection, and each season Nitai and Sumangali will showcase unique embroidered artwork, each with a story behind its inspiration.

“Accessories make the outfit, or the house, as the case may be,” Nitai and Sumangali conclude. “A trendy necklace can give a plain t-shirt a chic look and a saree a contemporary look, a decorative pillow can look like a piece of art, and of course, we all know that confidence is the best accessory, so wear our creations with some!”

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