A Man Was Buying Clothes For His Girlfriend, Here’s What Happened When His Wife Found Out

It is said that marriage is an institution that unites not only two individuals but two families. Loyalty, love, trust and mutual respect are the most important factors necessary for the success of this relationship. There are times when people face problems in their married life and the best solution to these problems is to communicate with each other, but sometimes things go wrong and the problems in their marriage become public.

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Something like this happened in the Indian town of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh where people saw a couple abusing and fighting as the husband was walking in the market with his girlfriend.

According to reports, the woman identified as Ayesha caught her husband Adnan in the market with another woman and she got so angry that she started abusing and beating her husband on the spot. The cops were called and they took the couple to the police station where they both laid charges against each other. While Ayesha alleges that she wants to send Adnan to jail because he wants to divorce in an illegal way, Adnan alleges that their divorce is pending and Ayesha had threatened him with suicide when she saw him with one of his wives. friends.

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Ayesha and Adnan got married in 2020 but their relationship was never on good terms due to which Adnan left home. When Ayesha learned that her husband was at the market with another woman, she decided to confront him. Adnan was in the showroom with another woman, Ayesha waited outside for some time, after which she called her husband outside, then they both started fighting.

According to a police official, their divorce is pending and legal action will be taken against them for fighting at the market.

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