A man urinates in his ex-girlfriend’s Louis Vuitton bag; What the court said

Two people in a relationship go through a lot of ups and downs. When they love and understand each other, things are quite easy. But what if one of them becomes “toxic” and shuts down to accommodate your feelings? This leads to growing bitterness and a not-so-sweet ending. These nasty fallouts are of all kinds.

Some ex-couples archive their photos together on their Instagram, while others block and totally cut their ex-partner out of their lives. Some go beyond their frustration and cause them financial and physical damage. Such a case has been revealed in recent days. A man has been fined by the court for peeing in his ex-girlfriend’s expensive handbag.

The story comes from Seoul, South Korea. In October 2021, the defendant in the case, a 31-year-old man, crossed all lines when a fight broke out between him and his ex-girlfriend. The two were at the girlfriend’s house in Gangnam-gu and they kind of had a fight. The ex-girlfriend started talking about the money she had spent on the relationship and the mounting debt.

The man then went to his bedroom and pulled out one of his expensive Louis Vuitton handbags, unbuttoned his pants and peed in the bag. The woman did not like this and went to court, asking for compensation due to her monetary loss.

The man, whose identity has not been released due to privacy concerns, was charged $1,150 or Rs. 91,634 for his crime. Although he attempted to cover his tracks by pouring liquid detergent into the bag after peeing, DNA testing confirmed the woman was not bluffing and he was convicted. He then pleaded guilty and the woman was awarded compensation. Being the first offense, the court did not impose a strict sentence on the man. However, the news has now become the talk of the town on social media platforms.

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