A ‘fantastic’ clothing and story swapping event is set to return to the Rochdale Museum

A women-only ‘clothing and story swapping’ is set to return after the first event was described as ‘fantastic’.

Around 200 women attended the event at the Touchstones museum, which was run by Theater in Flow, a theater company based on Moss Bridge Road in April.

Women were encouraged to bring their old clothes and share the stories around them with the aim of helping people appreciate the clothes they have.

Now, the event is set to return to Touchstones on Saturday, June 25 from 1-3 p.m.

Organizer Mimosa Percy-Rouhaud, of Theater In Flow, said the first event was “fantastic” and “brilliant”.

She said: “To be honest, we had a lot more people than expected. We had never done a clothes swap before, we didn’t think people would come.

“People really got on board, they brought their stuff and they made their trades.

“The women who participated shared stories of items they’ve had for 20 years. “I wore this blazer for my interview to work at Debenhams in 1996” and stories like that. It was awesome, it was really wonderful.

During the event, attendees receive five free tokens to redeem for donated clothing as well as an additional token per item they bring to redeem.

Mimosa said the next event aims to be “bigger and better” and added that she was hoping for donations from retailers such as Tesco and Footasylum.

Theater In Flow is committed to “championing marginalized voices” and encourages discussions around body image as part of the event’s crafting sessions.

Mimosa said: “There’s been a lot of conversation around a bikini body. What does it mean to have a bikini body?

“Things to do with body confidence and media pressures to look a certain way and how clothes can either fit into that or work against that kind of stuff.

“Feeling good about yourself means a lot. Clothes are how you present yourself to the world, so that’s really important.

Mimosa added that creating a safe, women-only space was important to help vulnerable women.

“They sometimes have quite chaotic lives, so it’s important to have a space designated as welcoming,” she said.

“Everyone is there to have a good time. It’s really beautiful when strangers cross the rails together and say to each other “that would look good on you”. It’s really a collaborative atmosphere.

“It’s a chance to get free clothes and have a lot of fun. It’s a really nice day and you get a great outfit!”

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