9 shoes tested and approved by fashion editors

Like almost all young women in New York, I like to think of myself as a kind of Carrie Bradshaw. I live quite close to the house of the fantasy characters, I find myself in the same restaurants although 20 years have passed, and I also have an affinity for shoes. At this exact moment, I am writing from my home where many pairs are lined up outside my closet. Unlike Mrs. Bradshaw, I haven’t been blessed with a walk-in closet and I try to show them all in small spaces. I gave up and they currently remain scattered around my small space. They are so beautiful to look at that it doesn’t bother me at all.

One of the struggles I have with the world of online shopping that we have fully embraced is finding shoes that actually fit and aren’t extremely uncomfortable. We’ve all seen that photo of a backed model with a subtle glint in her eye wearing that pair of shoes you ogled. She looks so happy, so they must be comfortable. Well, that’s not always the case, so I decided to do some field reporting.

A quick taxi ride to Nordstrom’s flagship in New York took me to what most people would consider to be heaven: thousands of shoes laid out before me as I tried on whatever caught my eye. . The whole experience was quite magical, and I highly suggest a visit if that’s your thing, but for the most part online shopping is king. That’s why you’ll find I’ve rounded up the best of the best below. A few pairs didn’t quite fit, some were too hard to walk on, and some were a bit outdated for the new world we live in. You can be sure that the items below are tested and approved by the editors. I think you deserve to pick up a pair or two.

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