75 Ogun inmates become pastors and graduate in theology

Seventy-five inmates from the Nigerian Correctional Service, Ibara Maximum Security Detention Center, Former Abeokuta, Ogun State, have become ministers of God after earning degree certificates in theology.

The inmates were found to have undergone six months of training at the seminary, aimed at reforming and rehabilitating them.

The program had the combined efforts of other ministers of God who repeatedly visited the court to teach graduate students.

At the graduation ceremony held at the premises of the detention center, the project’s national director, Dr. Olamide Emmanuel, said the event was an effort to reform and rehabilitate criminal minds.

“We have combined our efforts with some men of God to work at the prison center here. We have about 75 of them who have distinguished themselves to serve God. Some of them were released and they started working outside. The program is in three stages and it has already been a year today.

“We found that many leave this place destitute with nothing to fall back on. They are castigated on the outside, they are stigmatized. But, with the help of God’s ministers, we have built their psyches so they know that this is not the end of life, better things are out there for them,” he said. -he declares.

Dr Emmanuel revealed that the third stage of the program would produce graduates with a Bachelor of Divinity degree, saying, “We already have those who are qualified for this.”

Assistant Comptroller of Corrections, Oshin Bamidele, who is in charge of the Ibara Maximum Security Detention Centre, argued that the duty of correctional officers is to reform, rehabilitate and reintegrate.

“As correctional officers, our mandate is to reform, rehabilitate and reintegrate society. We achieve this through educational programs and religious activities. 75 inmates went through the theological school known as the seminary. We have seen very drastic changes in them,” Oshin said, appreciating NCoS Comptroller General Haliru Nababa for giving them the opportunity to impact the lives of inmates.

Speaking to reporters, the center’s social welfare officer, AbdulAkeem Awesu, said, “Today we are graduating 75 of our Christian inmates who have distinguished themselves in seminary school. This program falls under the religious education of prisoners. They will receive a diploma. »

According to him, the training was not only to train pastors, but for moral modification, spiritual care and protection.

“It goes beyond being a pastor. It is about moral modification, spiritual care and protection, and instilling in them discipline and the word of God. Being a pastor is a choice, but they went through a process of reformation and rehabilitation. My advice for them is to keep going,” Awesu said.

In their separate remarks, a male and female graduate (names withheld) explained that they had been spiritually reformed and…

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