7 Incredibly Comfortable Walking Shoes Recommended by Travelers

Are you looking for a good pair of comfortable walking shoes? We were too, so we asked for help from our The journey awaits you Community Facebook group. We asked our travel-savvy members, “What’s your favorite walking shoe when traveling?” They offered comfortable and supportive shoes for both men and women.

Now, we’re not claiming these shoes are affordable or stylish, just comfortable for walking. From slip-on sneakers to lace-ups, treat your feet to a comfortable new pair of shoes from our selection below. Join our The journey awaits you Community Facebook group to give us your opinion for future articles.

Comfortable walking shoes for men

Nike Air Max Mens

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“I highly recommend the Nike Air Max series. I have the Air Vapor Max which is stylish and the most comfortable trainer I have ever owned. And the Nike Air Max which has even more support and even more comfort. They’re more expensive than regular sneakers, but they’re the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned hundreds of kicks I mean, aren’t your feet worth what? is there better?—Benjie Hawkins, The journey awaits you Community Facebook Group

Comfortable socks for men

While we’re at it, comfortable socks are arguably as important as comfortable shoes. Socks that are too thin can leave you with blisters after a long day of exploring, no matter how good the shoe is. Socks that are too thick can lead to excessive sweating, and no one likes walking around with wet feet.

We recommend checking out Bombas socks, the perfect mix of thickness and non-slip secure fit. Bombas spent years researching socks and common pain points to develop a solution. Disturbing toe seams have been removed and their products have been reinforced in all appropriate areas to ensure durability and comfort.

If that’s not enough for you to finally throw away those old torn socks, Bombas’ Mission should convince you. They were founded on the basis of donations to people in need and giving back to the community. Each purchase of Bombas = another donated item. To date, they’ve donated over 50 million items to homeless communities across the United States!

Comfortable walking shoes for women

Skechers Women’s Performance Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe

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“We cruised the Mediterranean and walked about 10-14,000 steps a day. I was amazed at how well these shoes held up, and as slip-on shoes, they had the right amount of wiggle room in the afternoons when feet swelled up a bit. — Juliette Lyon Caruso

“I love all my Skechers.” —Teresa Keur Broadley

Sanibel Orthofeet Heel Strap

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“I discovered these shoes by another The journey awaits you article. My feet always swell a lot when I fly, and if I take my shoes off, I can’t put them back on. Plus, just the thought of how many feet have been on my plane before me keep my shoes on.

I hate an ugly shoe but I bit the bullet and bought the Orthofeet Sanibel. What it lacked in attractiveness, it more than made up for in comfort. When shopping on the Orthofeet website, you can search for shoes based on your needs, in this case, swollen feet.

I love all the velcro adjustments as well as the stretchy mesh incorporated into the shoe. I’m about halfway through a 10 hour flight and my feet have started to swell. I made some adjustments to the velcro closures, and my feet are very comfortable. Each shoe comes with arch supports and various liners so you can customize the shoe to fit you perfectly. —Peggy Cleveland

Comfortable socks for women

Ladies, Bombas don’t forget you! We know comfort is key, but a little style never hurts either. They offer hundreds of cuts and styles for women, including No Shows which actually don’t slip into your shoes, merino wool socks that will withstand countless times in the washing machine, and many more.

While you’re there, go ahead and grab a pair of their dreamy slippers to slip into after a crazy day on the go. You (and your feet) deserve it!

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