7 Cool Details You Might Have Missed About Hancock’s Clothes

Boa Hancock, also known as Pirate Empress and Snake Princess, is the leader of the all-female pirate crew, the Kuja Pirates. She is also the empress of a women-only island called Amazon Lily. Every warrior on this island is a Haki user, specifically known as Kuja Haki, and a force to be reckoned with.

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She is known to be an incredibly powerful character and, as the leader of the Kuja, is one of the few characters with access to all three types of Haki. In fact, Hancock is also one of only two women to possess the Supreme King’s color. That, coupled with his incredible relationship with Luffy, makes him a very endearing character. As with all of Oda’s designs, Hancock’s clothes hold some intriguing secrets about him.


seven Her first outfit

Hancock’s first appearance was during the Amazon Lily arc, after Luffy was sent to the island by Bartholomew Kuma, one of the Shichibukai, following the events of the Sabaody Archipelago arc. She was first seen shooting down a Navy ship and all of its soldiers with her sheer beauty.

Hancock made his debut in A play chapter 516 and episode 409 of the anime. She was seen wearing her signature red dress adorned with the Kuja symbol, a pirate cross with seven reproducing serpent heads. Added to that, she wore a white cape over her shoulders and to top it all off, one of her most iconic accessories, her snake earrings which she wears no matter the outfit.

6 The exchange of colors

Very few fans know that there is a stark difference between Boa Hancock’s design in the manga and the anime. After the timeskip, the choice of the color of her clothes is radically different in the two media. In the manga, the color chosen for her dress was a beautiful shade of blue. This, however, was changed to red in the anime.

It’s unknown why this change was made in the anime, however, it can be assumed that the staff found this color more suited to her personality. After all, red is considered a very seductive color. Oddly enough, Hancock isn’t the only character getting a color swap, as fellow Shichibukai member Bartholomew Kuma joins her.

5 Hancock and Luffy

After Luffy protected the Gorgon Sisters’ secret of being slaves, Hancock told him about his past trauma. There, she eventually discovered that Monkey D. Luffy had punched a Sky Dragon, and her innocent and pure nature led Hancock to develop feelings for him.

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Interestingly, their relationship is reflected in some of their clothing choices. Hancock was once seen wearing a red robe with a yellow sash, reminiscent of what Luffy adorns after the timeskip. Another neat detail is the floral sash Hancock wears over his usual red outfit. In A play Movie: Red, Luffy wears it with his battle outfit.

4 Salome

When talking about Hancock, it’s hard to forget his big pet snake, Salome. Salome is a large female snake, mostly white, with pink spots on her body. She is also one of Hancock’s closest allies, along with her sisters, and accompanies her wherever she goes.

Although she wears a large, intimidating skull on her head, Salome appears to be a very innocent snake who enjoys Hancock’s company. At the same time, she also serves as a deadly asset to Hancock, complementing both his fighting style and snake-like aesthetic.

3 Scramble Outfit

A play: Stampede was a huge hit in theaters and one of the most popular A play films to date, until the recent release of Film Red. Much to the delight of fans, this film provided an opportunity to re-introduce Hancock, especially since his last appearance was quite some time ago.

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Moreover, the anime even made sure to center her in the promotional filler released for the film. In Stampede, Hancock adorns himself in a long robe, half black and half white, with a purple slash and gold Kuja crests on it. Without a doubt, this is one of her best looks to date.

2 slave mark

The Gorgon Sisters, Hancock, Marigold and Sandersonia were kidnapped as children and sold as slaves to the Celestial Dragons. Later, they were branded on their backs with the dragon’s hoof – a mark of slaves that they would do anything to hide.

The sisters even went so far as to make up a curse story and deceive the entirety of Amazon Lily. As such, it’s no surprise that Hancock’s outfits cover her up pretty well. This was done on purpose by Oda so as never to expose his secret to the world.

1 Kuja Pirates Symbol

The Kuja Pirates are a crew from Amazon Lily, a women-only island in the Calm Belt. Since ancient times, the Kuja have ruled over this island. Hancock, being the current empress of the island, wears the Kuja symbol with great pride.

This symbol consists of a pirate’s skull, surrounded by seven snake heads. As you might expect, Hancock wears this symbol on almost all of his outfits with a few exceptions. All of this helped earn her the title of Snake Princess.

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