50statesapparel expands into manufacturing and exporting children’s apparel

Complete children’s clothing as well as a clothing production brand offering a wide range of children’s clothing for all age teams and celebrations, serving the latest trends.

Children’s clothing is one of the most active fashion sectors. As it has the widest variety of dress and clothing options to offer at different stages including babies, toddlers, toddlers, school age, teens, for girls and youth boys.

As a leading supplier of children’s clothing and clothing, we create a wide range of children’s clothing serving different clothing styles, arrangements and trends. We have been developing children’s style for years and have extensive experience handling wholesale orders for personal brands, cohesive merchants, children’s clothing retailers, as well as online lifestyle stores. Also, as a supplier of progressive youth clothing, we proactively offer children’s designer clothing for stores and special fashion residences.

At 50statesapparel, we are able to create quality children’s fashion at very competitive prices. As we follow a well-established standardized procedure that ideally generates youth clothing products for several years. Our top-of-the-line manufacturing facility is equipped with specialized machinery and a well-designed process to deliver a quality result with a quick turnaround. With a manufacturing capacity of over 250,000 items per month, catering to the child’s range, we have the ability to serve small businesses and tool sized businesses with top notch support as as a committed manufacturing partner. With this, we ensure that we don’t just serve a specific professional brace and also keep our MOQs as low as 25 items per order (serving all sizes and also mixing colors). Likewise, despite the size and complexity of the need, we take a maximum of 2 weeks for the designs as well as 6 to 8 weeks for the delivery of the batch.

We have a team of qualified professionals at our side. Our group is comprised of specialists from all market locations with wonderful direct exposure in children’s clothing. We have top manufacturing specialists, service supervisors, designers, line operators, sewing experts, branding and packaging specialists, and experienced support staff. It is the combined teamwork of our children’s clothing experts that enables us to deliver the very latest in children’s clothing with an exceptional degree of precision and quality.

As a leading supplier of children’s dresses as well as an exporter, you can expect us to sell the latest fashions and produce one of the trendiest styles of clothing to meet the demands of children’s clothing.

We handle a wide range of children’s clothing layouts and patterns that cover different types of woven, woven and sewn dresses with a huge selection of shades, crafts and prints. Our range of children’s outfits consists of children’s knitwear, baby suits, baby pants, baby t-shirts, children’s casual wear, children’s uniforms, children’s jeans, children’s sleepwear, youth woolen clothing, children’s outdoor camping outfits, youth sportswear, ladies’ events ladies’ ethnic clothing, typical girls’ dresses, girls’ smocked outfits, dresses Girls’ Embroidered Shirts, Women’s Skirts, Women’s Tops, Girls’ Coats, Boys’ T-Shirts, Boys’ Shirts, Kids’ Sweatshirts, Boys’ Jackets, Kids’ Sweatshirts, Boys’ Hoodies, Kids’ Kurtas, Kids’ Pajamas kids, kids sleepwear, as well as various other kids dresses covering all events, designs and functions.

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