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Accessories can transform any outfit. If you’re worried about your clothes looking a little too bland and boring, you can always use accessories to add something special or edgy.

To complete any outfit in any season, there are a few essential accessories that you should always keep in your wardrobe. Here are the top 5 essential accessories for women:

Sun glasses

For the summer months you need the perfect pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes and give you a chic and fashionable look. Sunglasses are also essential for travel, so you should always have a pair on hand when you go on vacation. If you usually wear glasses, a pair of Wiley X corrective sunglasses will help you achieve that look on vacation without affecting your eyesight.

It can be hard to know which sunglasses will suit your face, but fortunately, you can follow a few simple rules to help you. If you have an oval shaped face, you will be fine with many types of sunglasses, but round sunglasses and wayfarer sunglasses will be the best. If you have a heart-shaped face, you should opt for aviators or round sunglasses, and square-shaped faces often work well in rounder glasses as well. For round faces, more rectangular frames are suitable.

High heels

For formal events, a great pair of high heels is a must (as long as you’re comfortable wearing heels, of course). Black high heels can go with a wide range of outfits, or if you’re feeling daring, you can choose a pair of high heels in a bold color or design. High heels will also make your legs look longer and slimmer, which is another reason why they’re an essential accessory.


You should also have a elegant bag to accompany your ceremonial outfits. A clutch will be perfect for formal nights out, but if you want something a little more practical, a crossbody or shoulder bag is another great choice. Black or another neutral color is best when you want to pair this bag with a wide variety of outfits, but if you want to make a statement, opt for a bolder bag.


Of course, we can’t talk about accessories without mentioning jewelry. If you want to rock any look from day to night, just add your favorite bracelet, necklace and/or earrings to elevate the whole outfit. If you can’t find jewelry that’s right for you, keep this simple rule in mind: if you’re cold-skinned, go for silver jewelry, and if you’re warm-skinned, go for gold.


Although you don’t often see many people wearing hats these days, they are still useful accessories to keep on hand. A wide-brimmed hat is fantastic if you’re going on vacation to a sunny location as it will protect your head and shoulders from the sun. You can also try on other caps and hats to see what works for you. Even better, a hat can easily mask a bad hair day!

Don’t forget the power of accessories when putting together outfits. With these five must-have accessories, you can complete any outfit, no matter the occasion or time of year.

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