3 Bag Fake Death Certificate & Transfer Land Illegally, Booked | Aurangabad News

Aurangabad: Aurangabad City Police have charged three suspects, including a woman, with cheating, forgery and criminal conspiracy after they allegedly falsified documents to obtain the landowner’s death certificate and claimed to be his legal successors.
Police said the suspects not only forged documents, including the death certificate, but also submitted them to court, issued a compromise decree, submitted it to the tehsil office and registered themselves as the legal heirs of the real owner.
The suspects even made pleas to obtain their share of ancestral property. The offense against the suspected trio was registered at Vedantnagar Police Station under a dozen different sections of the IPC.
A preliminary investigation revealed that the suspects took advantage of the fact that one of them had the same name as the 77-year-old complainant, Shaikh Sandu.
Taking advantage of the same, the suspicious trio, led by a woman, since January 2018, began falsifying documents to claim more than five acres of prime land located in gat number 79 of Kankora village in Chauka, along from the Aurangabad-Jalgaon highway.
Police said the suspects first obtained Shaikh Sandu’s death certificate by falsely claiming he was dead. They used this certificate to claim that they were his legal heirs and therefore falsified other documents.
Police said that on the face of it, it appears the suspects, using false documents, misled the First Class Magistrate at least twice.
“The complainant and the suspects are not even connected remotely. They only took advantage of the fact that one of them had the same name as the owner,” said an officer.
The three suspects include a man with an identical name, his wife and their son. After the original landowner learned about it, he first filed a complaint with the police. Receiving no satisfactory response, he approached a local court for direction from the police to register an FIR against the accused.

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