27 Best Plant Accessories 2022 To Buy: Misters, Cans, More

Plants are like children. You name them, take care of them and now you dress them. Well, not exactly, but you accessorize them!

It doesn’t look like adorning them with jewelry and cufflinks. Instead, he hangs them in macrame planters, places them on bamboo trays, and gently sprays them using a glass mister.

If this sounds like your crazy plant lady (or boy) dream, then we have good news for you.

We’ve rounded up all the best indoor plant accessories of 2022. Best of all, they’re all under $45. So, even though they look gorgeous and expensive, they are actually not that expensive after all.

Keep reading to buy watering cans, misters, plant stands, hangers and more.

watering cans

1. KIBAGA Copper Color 40oz Watering Can, $20


Unless you want to make a mess by watering your table plants, you’ll want to opt for an indoor watering can. This Amazon option has a gooseneck to prevent spills and a sleek handle that’s as nice as it looks.

2. 35oz indoor watering can with long spout, $30, original price: $40

Black indoor watering can

If you don’t want anything too big, this black and wood watering can is for you. Its design is modern while its spout is perfect for all indoor plants.

3. The Sill 56oz Watering Can$10

yellow watering can
The threshold

We get it, sometimes you don’t want all the bells and whistles. For a standard indoor watering can, you’ll want this yellow option from The Sill. Not only does it hold half a gallon of water, but it’s also durable for indoor and outdoor watering.


1. Pottery Barn Glass Plant Mister$11

Clear glass bolster
pottery barn

Indoor plants love a soft mist. This Pottery Barn plant mister will do the trick while giving your space a classic, vintage feel.

2. The Sill Brass Mister Modern Sprout$34

Mr. Gold
The threshold

Proudly display this brass gentleman, as he is beautiful and efficient. The Sill notes that the fogger will develop a patina over time, but a brass cleaner will remove it easily.

3. Urban Outfitters Plant Swirl Mister$14

Mister clear and golden
Urban outfitters

Featuring a delicate swirl design on the glass base and a rust-proof plastic pump, this plant mister won’t disappoint. Best of all, its finger loop allows for simple misting.

Watering Globes

1. KiKiHeim Self-Watering Globes, $22, original price: $24

Three kitten waterballs

We know they’re just too cute to live without! But these blown glass globes aren’t just aesthetically pleasing. They also water your plants for up to three weeks.

2. Wyndham House 3-Piece Watering Globe Set, $27

Mouth blown glass watering globes

If you’re looking for something a little more mature, choose this three-piece globe set. The colors reflect beautifully against the light while keeping your plants happy and healthy.


1. MTOUOCK Set of 3 macrame plant hangers, $11

Macrame Hanging Planters

If you’re out of room on the table or looking to hang your plants, you’ll fall in love with this three-piece macrame hanging plant set. The set includes six ceiling hooks and three plant hooks.

2. Bloomscape Ecopots Hanging Pot 11″$35

Clay Hanging Planter

Another great hanging option is this levitating pot. Simply choose from four different colors and place your small plant inside. The set includes a hook and a removable drain plug.

3. TIMEYARD Macrame Plant Hanging Shelf, $22, original price: $26

Hanging shelf

Maybe you want a hanging shelf rather than a hanging pot. If so, this round hanging shelf won’t let you down. It’s great for saving shelf space and showing off your plants and decor.

4. H&M rattan hanging basket$18

Wooden Straw Hanging Planter

Rattan is so trendy and effortlessly chic – and this hanging basket is no different. Just add your houseplant and watch it instantly decorate your space.

5. GROWNEER Set of 5 macrame plant hangers, $28

macrame hanging planters

There’s no need to make any tough decisions here, as you get five different models and hangers in one bundle. Not only will this set provide a unique way to show off your plants, it will also transform any room of your choice into a personal oasis.

Pots And Planters

1. Medium Walbest Ceramic Pot with Metal Stand$19

White and Gold Floor Planter

This simple and unique floor pot perfectly enhances the look of your indoor plants. Best of all, the metal stand and ceramic pot are unattached, making it easy to carry.

2. YIKUSH Female Succulent Pot, $27

Woman's face planter

While this pot designed for women can be used for any houseplant, we think a succulent, such as a string of bananas, dolphins, or pearls, is best. The hanging succulent will mimic the look of hair, making it a unique take on houseplants.

3. XXXFLOWER Plant Terrarium with Wooden Stand, $16, original price: $37

Globe planters

Sticking to the theme of unique plant accessories, this stand is the perfect companion for propagated plants. Clear glass bottles make it easy to watch your plant in action, while the design adds a vintage touch to any room.

4. Mini Lower Body FROZZUR Jar, $26

Rear planter

Make a statement with this lower body planter. The soft bone color matches any interior while the shape makes it a great conversation piece.

5. Anthropologie Lizzie Vase$28

Yellow vase with painted flowers

If you tend to lean towards the classics, this stoneware vase is for you. Its bright yellow color adds life while the painted flowers match the fresh flowers you place on it.

Racks And Shelves

1. 6-Tier Bamboo Potted Plant Stand, $40, original price: $42

Thin and high shelf

With seven potholders and six tiers, you’ll instantly maximize your space. Best of all, this shelf is slim, allowing it to fit in almost any corner.

2. COPREE Bamboo 3-Tier Hanging Plant Stand, $44, Original Price: $90

Three shelves and a hanging unit

If you can’t decide between a shelf or a hanging option, you don’t have to! With this bamboo shelf and suspension, you can decorate your interior space as you wish.

3. Bamworld 3 Tier Plant Stand, $27

Dark wood plant shelf

With three tiers and seven individual plant shelves, you’ll have space for all your baby plants and more. You can also decorate your new shelf with books, misters and lamps to add individual character.

Gadgets And Tools

1. XLUX Soil Moisture Meter, $13

Plant thermometer

Say goodbye to guessing about watering days. With this reliable and accurate soil moisture meter, you will know if your plants are living a healthy and strong life. This meter is also ideal for outdoor and indoor use.

2. VIVOSUN 6.5 inch garden pruner, $6, original price: $7

plant clip

While some of your delicate houseplants will never need pruning, others may need to be pruned from time to time. Luckily, this pruner trims, cuts and shapes your plants with ease. It is ideal for outdoor and indoor use.

3. Govee Indoor Bluetooth Digital Hygrometer, $13

Digital indoor monitor

Plants are delicate and this indoor digital hygrometer will help keep them on track. You’ll also receive instant alerts when the temperature or humidity in your space falls out of range. Therefore, you can rest assured that your plants are getting the care they need.

4. The Blooming Jungle Moss Pole 2-Piece Set, $15

Two plant stakes

Even when plants are healthy, they can sag and fall to the side. To help them grow vertically, this two-piece pole set trains them. Each stake is also covered with fibers extracted from the coconut husk to allow aerial roots to easily penetrate the material.

5. EZORKAS Dimmable Grow Light, $17, original price: $50

indoor plant lights

Help your indoor plants thrive with this grow light. The brand recommends exposing the plant to light twice a day, each session lasting six hours.

6. Set of 2 ceiling hooks, $7

Two white hanging hooks

Maybe you invited macrame hangers and need the hooks to install them. If so, this two-pack set will do the trick.

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