15 cute tech accessories and gadgets that are really useful

Whether it’s a bag that will hold your laptop or a cable docking station that will keep your workplace clutter-free, tech accessories can make our lives more organized and efficient. Make these accessories cute and colorful, and our lives will be more elegant. From AirPod cases and phone bags to pillow tablet holders and floating waterproof speakers, the 15 upcoming tech accessories are too nice not to be used on a daily basis.

Elago phone card holder ($12, was $13)

Keep your ID and credit card close at hand with this slim silicone card holder that sticks directly to your phone case. It easily holds two cards and is compatible with most smartphones.

laptop cleaner

MFF Store Laptop Cleaner ($16, was $20)

Less of an accessory and more of a lifesaver, this seven-piece tech cleaner is ready to remove dirt from every nook and cranny, not just laptops, but headphones, tablets, cameras, TVs – really anything you can clean.


Native Union Stow Storage Pouch ($50)

Keep your cords and chargers tidy and untangled when traveling with this mint green organizer designed to hold all your tech accessories.

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