10 fashion tips and tricks for wearing casual clothes

If you know how to style and wear your clothes, you don’t need them to be expensive or fancy. Everyday casual wear can look as good as any piece from a high-end fashion store, and we’re going to prove it to you.

Today we are going to go over ten essential fashion tips and tricks that will make you look stunning wearing only your casual clothes. If that sounds good, let’s rock ‘n’ roll.

Tip 1 – Focus on the essentials

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When it comes to clothes, but more so casual clothes, there are some essential pieces that make up the outfit. Items like jeans, khakis, shirts, sweatshirts, and t-shirts, along with a few other things, are what you will primarily wear, and it is these items that will form the basis of your outfit.

As such, you’ll want to make sure you really focus on them. There’s nothing wrong with owning just two pairs of jeans if they’re high quality and pair well with other items in your wardrobe. The same goes for the tops. Identify your outfit essentials and focus on them.

Tip 2 – Improve your look with trendy pieces

Like we said, the essentials are the foundation of the outfit, but it’s the centerpieces that make or break the outfit. You could easily wear the same jeans and shirt for a week if you just swap out the key pieces.

What are declaration documents? A statement piece would be any piece of clothing that makes your outfit stand out! So a cool jacket or coat, or a nice pair of leather boots or eye-catching sneakers could pass for statement pieces. Also, statement pieces are accessories such as headwear, jewelry, belts, glasses, bags, etc.

Tip 3 – Wear clothes that fit you perfectly

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Casual doesn’t mean unfit, just like loose clothing doesn’t mean casual.

If you really want your casual outfits to stand out, you can’t avoid wearing clothes that fit you perfectly. You’ll want to find the pieces that match your body. You’ll want to find pieces that highlight your strengths and maybe hide some of the things you’re not sure about.

So don’t confuse clothes that don’t fit with casual clothes and make sure you’re wearing clothes that fit.

Tip 4 – Create harmony with your outfits

Speaking of fit, some items are designed to be very loose or very tight, especially when it comes to casual wear. In this case, you have to play with different proportions and cuts to create harmony and balance with your outfits.

Pair an oversized puffer jacket with a tight crop top or skinny pants. Pair your oversized shirt with cropped shorts. Try different things, like unisex clothes, unusual shapes and sizes, different colors and patterns (we’ll get to that) and see if you can make them look harmonious.

Tip 5 – Buy smarter

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Casual and urban clothes have become very popular and with them their prices have skyrocketed. Now, we firmly believe that you don’t have to spend a fortune to look good, so we’re going to share some smart shopper tips with you.

First, shop online. Nine times out of ten you will find that online stores like gstreet.cool charge less for the same or similar items seen in actual stores. Why? Well, there’s no extra expense these clothes have to justify – so they can.

Second, go to a thrift store. You’ll be able to find casual items at your local thrift store for next to nothing.

Tip 6 – Find your style

It might be tempting to try and emulate someone else’s style, but we don’t really want you to do that. We want you to find your style.

Of course, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and we’re certainly not against looking for inspiration in someone else’s style, but don’t just copy in a way blatant what he wears.

You are not the same person. What works for them might not work for you. So find your own style.

It may take a while, but in the end you will be better off.

Tip 7 – Adopt the colors

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We’re all for monochrome outfits because they’re timeless, but again, we love colors and colorful outfits. Plus, you can go monochromatic while still rocking the bright colors of casual wear.

For example, why wear sweatpants and gray or black sweatshirts? Why not opt ​​for chartreuse or fuchsia? What’s wrong with that?

Exactly. Nothing. Embrace the colors. It will be more fun.

Tip 8 – Try different textures and fabrics

You can feel the texture of a fabric, which is what we mainly focus on. However, what we don’t consider is that we also see it.

Although it might not be obvious from afar, everyone close to you will be able to see all the different textures you have associated with your outfit.

As far as we’re concerned, there are textures and fabrics you can’t go wrong with, but also, there are textures you just need to try if you haven’t already. Everything doesn’t have to be flat and smooth like cotton, does it?

Tip 9 – Don’t Sacrifice Comfort

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“Beauty hurts” is an old adage that is no longer necessarily true. This was true back when women had to wear corsets that made it difficult for them to breathe properly, but nowadays most things are so comfortable.

Casual clothes are meant to be comfortable and cozy. Don’t forget that. And, if you ask us, the only way for you to look gorgeous and confident in a the outfit is if you feel comfortable in it.

But do not get me wrong. Sweatpants and baggy shirts aren’t the only things people can be comfortable in, and physical comfort isn’t the only comfort we’re talking about here. So we’re not saying dress like you’re going to sleep and you’ll look good. No.

We say find something that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable, but also beautiful and confident. That’s how you know you’ve struck gold!

Tip 10 – Experiment with your clothes

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment.

Fashion is an ever-evolving industry, and there will always be new trends and contemporary looks, so it’s only natural that you experiment with your clothes and your style.

Now, we’re not saying jump on every trend – that would be ridiculous. But then again, you shouldn’t be afraid to try new things once in a while. It will be good for you.


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I hope we managed to teach you a thing or two about wearing casual clothes and being more than comfortable in them. If not, try reading again – we’re sure you’ll find something useful.

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